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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-02-01 13:14:31 (UTC)

16th Birthday

Thursday 2nd February, 2017

I haven't really had too much ambition to write about my birthday since it is a bit of a long write to do, but I figured I might as well do it tonight. Right now I've got my first real day of school tomorrow, it's 2AM and I'm not likely going to be asleep because of my fucked sleeping pattern and the damn heat. But forget all that, let's get started shall we?

So my birthday is on the 24th of January. The night before my actual birthday I was on the phone with Laura and Hayley, and I don't know they wanted to keep me up till it was past 12 so I could "experience me turning 16." It was a night thought at least but I kind of just wanted to sleep. But Hayley did write some big post on my wall with birthday photos and all that. Y'know the type of posts girls seem to do on their friends walls when it's their birthdays.

Moving on to my actual birthday. It was out at Laura's house in Tahuna, my mom of course didn't know that I was going to hang out with them since she's pretty skeptical about me hanging out with girls. Ooo, how rebellious of me. Moving on, I got dropped off at the wharf and after a little bit of waiting Hayley came over and got me and brought me back to Lauras house, which is basically an apartment.

I go into the apartment and there's Laura and another girl who I had heard of briefly through Hayley but had never actually met - Jess. Things were kind of quiet at first I wasn't totally expecting for a new girl to be there but never less I wasn't too bothered, just a bit caught off guard. They quickly brought me over this makeup bag and inside the bag I guess were presents.

Let me just pause it here by saying that I have literally not received any presents from a friend since about Year 3. The presents weren't anything big in fact they were just a few cans of V but to me the thought alone meant a lot. Especially the fact that they wrote me a birthday card. I get it sounds pretty weird, me being 16 and all getting excited over a birthday card but in all honesty that made my day because I don't think I've actually ever gotten a birthday card, and I stop getting Christmas cards all together in about Year 6. I've got the card in safe keeping now.

Anyway, I was then lead over to the table where there was a big ole chocolate cake with the words written in icing, "Happy Birthday "Mars" " and a wax number 16 on top of the cake. I've also never been given a birthday cake so to me this all was very, very, very euphoric. It wasn't a brought cake either it was one that Laura had actually baked herself (presumably with help from her mom). I was given this cringy little party hat to wear but I still wore it for awhile to humor them even though the strap was digging deep into my neck.

Laura's mom came in too at some point and gave me a birthday hug and said that I had grown a bit since she last saw me. I'm not entirely sure if that was a sarcastic joke or if I actually had from all the sleep I had during the holidays. Either way, it was nice.

We sat around for a little bit joking and teasing each other. Soon they decided I should try WiiU sports and it was kind of funny watching them tying to make my character as ugly as possible.

Soon Brodie arrived because I guess he was apart of the whole thing, in all honesty I wasn't too happy about him being there. I guess him and Hayley are still friends or whatever. He wasn't there for too long though which was good. In that time me and Hayley, along with Jess and Laura kind of just hit each other with the pillows and there was this one really wet pillow that we were trying to touch each other with.

After Brodie left we went down to the wharf and took a few photos. Afterwards we went back to Laura's where I guess we kind of fell into the pit of being anti-social because pretty much everybody was sitting on the couch playing on their phones while I faded into sleepiness where I was then passing in and out of consciousness for about an hour.

About 5PM Jess left. Soon Laura's mom came back since she had been out for most of the day and she did some baking while we were then all talking about just random things. A bit later on at maybe 5:30PM Hayley said we should all go back to Lauras room so we did, and we sat on the bed for about two hours talking and messing around.

At about 7 something PM Shane and I were talking since he decided to call Hayley and we decided that we'd go climb some buildings since I had told him at the kindergarten that that was something I had also wanted to do. Before I left Hayley gave me a birthday hug and I was off. Me and Shane were supposed to meet somewhere along the road the connects Nelson to the Tahuna district, so I was walking down the road and their older sister Sam droped him off. We began walking for a little bit until we walked past Auckland Point elementary school.

We decided that we would go chill there for a bit, so we hopped the fence and headed over towards the playground where we talked a little, played some music and eventually we found ourselves at a slide. There was this weird tube thing that was cut out in a way that you could sit inside it and Shane dared me to go down the slide in it. I of course accepted because hey why not right? Even though if you were to fall of the slide it would probably hurt quite a bit. I struggled to get in it while keeping it placed on top of the slide and eventually I got in it while Shane recorded the whole thing. Once I started going down it I knew instantly it was a bad idea because the tube thing started weighing to the side and I knew I was probably gonna end up falling off the slide, so I bailed out and grabbed onto a nearby wall to save myself from the fall.

We soon then left the school and decided that we'd go to the stadium. On the way there we walked over a bride, well I walked over it while Shane being the daredevil that he is walked on top of the railings on the bride. It wasn't the fall that would of scared me because the fall wasn't even that bad - it's that under the bride was a massive river and he didn't even bother to take out his phone and speaker in case he fell.

We got to the stadium and decided that we wanted to go to the top. Going inside the stadium when it's closed isn't exactly trespassing since the gates are practically open, it's more going to the very top where they place signs telling you not to go there that is trespassing. Anyway we were up there for a little while but when we saw stadium security in the distance we decided to hop down, just in case. But we didn't leave the stadium no we just found a place that wasn't trespassing and just sat there for a little over an hour just talking. I texted Ian too at some point to see if he wanted to come hang with me and Shane and he said sure, but he'd have to run from Atawhai to town to get there.

Me and Shane proceeded to wander through town for a little bit, from going to the church steps, past Burger King and back a few times from then chilling on some swings and proceeding to talk some more while we waited for Ian. About an hour later I got the text from Ian saying that he was now in town, so we then met him at Burger King.

To my surprise Shane and Ian had actually already met each other briefly. Since Shane does cadets and Ian is joining cadets they had already met each other and luckily they had gotten along back then so it's wasn't like a new awkward meetup. We then proceeded to walk around town for a little bit, head to Mc Donalds for some frozen cokes, go under a bridge where there was a bunch of graffiti, watch Shane then go on said bridge (a different bridge from last time), and then we decided to go climb a building.

Another thing that took me by surprise is how little people were actually out at night. Sure, we were out late it now being about 11PM but I had always heard kids at my school talking about them going out on the town doing stuff at night, only to then see a largely unpopulated town. Only spotting grown adults lingering outside bars and nightclubs. This then meant that we wouldn't really have too much trouble making our way on top of buildings since there wasn't really anybody around to report us for it. Or so I thought at least, but we'll get to that later.

We saw a street lamp that was positioned right next to a wall, and next to the pole was a roof of sorts that went across the street and around the corner of the left street. Shane took the lead since I guess he was actually experienced with climbing buildings, followed by me and then Ian. We used the wall next to the lamp to push ourselves upwards until we made our way on top of the roof. From there we had to be kind of careful because the roof was loud since it was covered with tin at the top. We proceeded around the corner of the roof ducking once to avoid the headlights of a card because we thought it was be kind of funny, and also just in case. We found ourselves a pole that leaned into the wall to hold the roof up, and above the pole we saw another opportunity to get onto a different higher roof.

Because of the way the pole was positioned you couldn't use your surroundings to boost yourself up you could only scurry up the pole using your legs and arms to pull yourself upwards. But we managed and it wasn't at all hard. We then found ourselves on top of the roof of what I guess was a hunting & gun store. We went to the other side of what we now realized was a massive building and stared over the edge and gazed into the parking lot below, where there was then a mass of other stores. It was there we divised a new plan to go on top of the other buildings up a head, starting with climbing on top of the Subway building, and then going acorss various others and then jumping onto a bus and then getting down from there.

Before we tried to head off Shane wanted a photo of him on top of the edge of the building, so he gave me his bag and phone to hold while he climbed up there. It was only then when we heard a car pull up and Shane ducked for cover while me and Ian hid behind the walls of the roof. Fucking security had arrived. Perhaps it was just a mere coincidence but we could only assume they were after us because y'know, climbing on public buildings isn't exactly the most legal of things you can do. We then slowly proceeded to walk across the roof trying to make as little sound as possible because again for some reason the top of the roof was covered in tin. At some point we actually saw the security guard peaking around in a alleyway that we had seen. We eventually back tracked and found ourselves back on the old roof, and then we continued down the roof and went down the street pole that we had used to get up. Just our luck as soon as we got down some random dude was turning the corner and spotted us. But he didn't really pay us any mind he just kind of smiled to himself probably thinking what in the world a bunch of kids were doing sliding down street poles off roofs, but he then just carried on his merryway.

Seeing security didn't deter us either as we continued with our plan and then found ourselves on top of the Subway building. We then went across two different buildings having to jump to walls and down walls, while still remaining somewhat quiet. We found ourselves at the bus deport and just as we were about to get on a bus we spotted a cop car drive by. Again we had to assume they were looking for us because of their close proximity and the fact that we almost had a run in with a security guard not so far away. We turned and tried to quietly make our way back as the bus deport had a club right next to it, so we didn't want anybody telling the police we were there if they were in fact looking for us. It was a long process getting back because we had to be deadly silent this time because we really didn't want to get caught. But we managed.

We got down off the roof and walked to a nearby river to wash all the dirt and whatever the fuck off our arms and hands. Then, we started the walk back home.

The walk from our area of Atawhai takes about an hour to get to town, or vice versa. So we were in for a bit of a walk especially when you consider that me and Shane had already been walking around for a good while. Still perceived and the walk for whatever reason didn't take nearly as long as an hour. Maybe about 45 minutes. We did stop and have a break about halfway where we sat next to this weird sculpture thing and Ian and Shane climbed it.

We got home late and by this time it was about 2AM. I was sore and tired. I got home, thanked Hayley, Jess, Laura, Shane and Ian for the amazing day and went to bed.


Right now it's now almost 4AM, I don't know if I'll get any sleep tonight since I usually wake up at about 6:30-7PM, but eh it doesn't bother me too much if I do or not. I mean, I'd like to sleep but it isn't too necessary I suppose. G'night, wish me best of luck for school again.

Peace, -Mars