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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-01-24 23:07:51 (UTC)

The Kindergarten

Friday 27th January, 2017

The Kindergarten:

I can't really remember what day this happened and I haven't really had any time to write about it, but I think now would be a good time to write about this experience, among with others that have occurred in the past few days. I'm going to estimate that this happened somewhere around 18th-20th of January, give or take.

I woke up one night when it was almost 2AM, almost as soon as I hopped on Messanger I got a message from Shane asking what I was doing. I told him that I wasn't really doing anything and that I had just woken up. We talked a little bit for maybe a minute before he said that he was gonna go for a walk. I got that he was kind of hinting that I should come along so I asked if I should come, and he said I should. I told him that I'd go have a shower and be back in about ten minutes.

Fast forward past my shower, getting dressed, and meeting up with Shane near the park.

Me and Shane began walking down in direction of the main highway, we began talking and we somehow got onto the topic of insomnia. I think it was because I asked him what he was even doing up at this hour, since I know he doesn't even really play video games or anything else that should keep him up that late. He told me some stuff about how he has insomnia. I don't know, I just thought that was interesting.

We proceeded to keep walking at the ungodly time of the night until we reached where the highway actually began and I asked him which way we should walk. "Left, or right?" We didn't go with either as he then asked me if I had ever been inside a kindergarten at night. I thought he was joking because I mean, who hangs out in kindergartens at night time right? That's kind of creepy. But I thought "Hey why not let's do it."

We walked around the back of the kindergarten with him taking the main lead while I followed him. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing giving me that impression that this probably wasn't the first time of going in here. We hopped the fence and inside it was almost pitch black. Your vision would of been almost darkness if not for the moon illuminating the ground below, as well as a street light just making a small section of the outskirts of the kindergarten visible.

There we spotted a small little wooden playhouse placed at the very back of the kindergarten against one of the towering fences. There we decided to sit down, with me sitting at the back of the playhouse and Shane sitting at the front facing the doorway out into the playground.

It was there we sat for about two hours talking about a variety of things. We talked about little theories on life and death, about what we think happens when you die. Shane has a mixed view, he believes (and the way he said it, describing it as "complete peace", seems he hoped it was this way) that when we die, we die. That there is no afterlife, no God, no Satan, no Hell or Heaven. Just blissful peace. That's interesting because that also sort of falls into my own ideology. In fact, a lot of our ideas are similar if not identical. He still remained open minded however, then saying after that he still couldn't say if any of what he said was factual or concrete.

Another thing which we talked about was certain crimes he's committed. I'm not going to go into full detail just for his own privacy, in case my identity was somehow revealed on here, since I'm not exactly the most discreet. Now, if it was almost any other teen telling me about some of this stuff I'd think they were bullshitting. But, because of things that not only Hayley has told me, but also his mom, I believe him. Especially because it wasn't like he was bragging either. He wasn't sounding like he was totally hyper over it nor did he say anything that was too far out of the realm of possibility especially for the type of kid that I know he is. They were violent crimes more or less, not murder if you're thinking anything like that. Just violent, very violent.

We talked about aliens and how fucked we probably would be if they decided they would want to try and take us over. An example was monkeys. We're not too far from monkeys genetically speaking in fact I'm pretty sure that they're our closest living mammal species apart from well, other humans. So, you look at monkeys right. And you see that the smartest monkeys are about the equivalent to what a human baby or toddler might be. We then looked at it in a way such as, "Imagine if aliens had that small gap with us like we have to monkeys." Which, in our theory would kind of be like having somebody like Bill Gates, Steven Hawking, Albert Einstein, all these great minds would be like a little alien baby/toddler. Meaning, if aliens were to try and invade us or colonize us. I mean, we'd be right fucked wouldn't we? Our greatest minds would be like a army of toddlers defending a playhouse against a group of adults. That doesn't scare me or anything, nor is our theory anything close to concrete there's probably a multitude of holes and contradictions. But I think it's something interesting to talk about.

One of the last ones things we talked about was a fascination with serial killers. Specifically, Charles Manson. This interest was more Shanes, but I found it kind of interesting too because I like thinking about the way people think about things.

Now, throughout the entire almost two hours of us talking a few times here and there Shane swore he saw this flax bush moving inside the kindergarten. Keep in mind it was pretty windy and really dark so we didn't think anything of it. That is until mid conversation after a car passed by Shane stop and and motioned for me to stop talking. I was confused until he whispered that I'm to follow him and on the count of three we were going to run for the fence because somebody was outside. We quickly bolted out the door and I never looked behind us but I then heard the sound of footsteps behind us as we hopped the fence and proceeded to run back the way we came. We stopped after a short while assuming that he was just a homeless dude camping out at the kindergarten. Shane was a little jumpy though looking behind us a few times swearing that he was following us. It wasn't until I got home and checked my phone after a few minutes that I got a message from my friend telling me that he did in fact follow us and that I should make sure my doors are locked. I didn't see or hear anything about the homeless guy.