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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-01-19 17:35:24 (UTC)


Friday 20th January, 2017

Yesterday just before I was about to go to sleep I got a message from Hayley. Hayley was telling me that her and some friends, such as Laura and Brodie, as well as others, were going to hang out in Tahuna on the 24th. It just so happens that my 16th birthday is also on the 24th, so I said sure since I didn't have anything at all planned for my birthday. So that's going to happen, except I'm sure it's going to ripe with people who I've never met before, and well, the idea of meeting new people makes me anxious. But oh well, it'll be fine.

For the rest of this entry I'd like to dedicate it to a pretty close friend of mine. He won't ever read this, I don't think he will I mean I don't think I'll ever plan on sharing it with him, but still I would like to write something about him so I don't really ever forget him.

James, that's his online name and his real life name. I've known him for quite awhile now and besides from Jess he's my longest running online friend. I met him when I was 12 year old, a few months before I turned 13 years old. It was over GTA5 Online, we were in two separate crews who were allied. We weren't exactly close at the start or anything in fact I very rarely ever talked on the mic back then, but he was the only one from that allied crew who I ever talked and played with.

Fast forward a bit, I leave my crew and join his and we became better friends. We'd play together a lot almost daily really, I started talking a little bit more but still rarely. We ended up having a "night squad" in the crew together with our other then friends CP and Chels. We called it the night squad because for them they'd play around 3-6AM, while it would usually be around 8-12PM for me.

I remember one night I came to him asking for some help because I was pretty depressed around this time, since me and my mom were always at each others throats. I can't quite remember what I said to him, just that he said something along the lines of he understands where I was coming from because he had been there before himself and that the best thing we could do for each other is to find common ground so we don't have so many disagreements. I think that advice did actually help me out a little bit.

We continued to play for quite awhile after this, but then "the switch" happened. Or at least that's what we called it in our crew. The switch was basically this thing where because of the Ps4 version of GTAs release, people who could afford a Ps4 and the new game went to that, while the rest of us, such as myself, who didn't have it were on Ps3. James, along with Chels and a number of other people went to Ps4 and I was stuck on Ps3. CP was still on Ps3 too, but because of his personal life problems involving his ex wife, custody of his child and working as a chef at a restaurant he hated, well, I didn't see too much of him after that. Just brief interactions where his words were slurred and mixed from getting drunk to presumably numb the pain from the struggles that he was facing.. but this entry is about James, not CP.

I didn't see too much of James after the split, and even less so after I had left the crew and found myself a new one. We had kind of drifted a part for most of the rest of the year.

Fast forward to late December 2015, I had finally gotten myself a Ps4 and a copy of GTA and I was back there. I had almost completely forgotten about James at this point, not entirely I knew of his existence I just didn't really think of him if that makes any sense. The new crew at this point, which I'm still in now, were enemies with my old one, the one that me and James were in, the one he was still in. Shooting at my old crew didn't really bother me at all, I mean I hadn't seen most of these people in so long to the point where I didn't really care all that much. And there was some slight drama to where I had left the crew beforehand too so I wasn't even all that fond of some of em, but still.

At some point me and him crossed paths, and doing what we had to do we shot at each other. But it was fine.

Then, something really good happened. I don't even remember when this was, it happened sometime in early January 2016. A bit before my birthday I think. James had left our old crew, on bad terms, and made his own. And suddenly at some point we just started talking again. By this point I did actually talk on the mic and we became friends again almost instantly. We started playing together again almost daily like we used to. There was some other stuff in between where he ended his crew, joined mine, left, did some other stuff, but the entire time we remained friends together throughout the whole year.

We're still friends right now actually, while he doesn't really know anything about my mom or other things, I don't think he needs to. He's one of my closest and best friends and I would rather have him over a lot of people who I do know in real life. He's helpt me get Sony Vegas and is pretty funny to be around. We've had serious conversations about life, the meaning of life, the after life, theories, thoughts, past stories all of that. He's 22 right now.. Lives in America in Kansas City.


Peace, -Mars