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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-01-17 06:45:46 (UTC)

Cliffton Terris

Tuesday 17th January, 2017

Yesterday Ian messaged me around 7-8PM that he was with Callum and that they were gonna do his usual paper run in Atawhai and he asked if I wanted to come along. So I met up with him and Callum at the top of Ian's street.

We did the first bottom half of Atawhai while we talked and dicked around a little bit, looking at some of the neighborhood cats and taking some photos here and there.

On the way back from doing the bottom half of Atawhai we stopped by my house and I grabbed some of my beer, even though it was extremely shitty since admitdly I had left in in the cupboard rather then the fridge, and with this heat well it was pretty much ruined. So we walked back to Ian's place, but we left the beer outside in his mailbox just to avoid the awkwardness of his dad seeing us. Don't think he'd care, it'd just be awkward.

We chilled at his place for a little, they played some Black Ops 3 while I just sat on my phone for a little, then we had some porkriblets. After that we headed down to the park.

While at the park we just dicked around and had a lot of fun, as well as drinking the shitty ass beer which I barely even touched. We just did some other things like tell stories, swing on the swings and fuck around on this little spinny thing. I recorded a lot of that for Snapchat.

At some point we were talking about Ian's old primary school in Atawhai, Cliffton Terris. I then thought about it and realized I wanted to go check it out, for whatever reason. So I said, "Hey let's go there right now." and so we headed off to a primary school at about 1AM.

While we walked there we took some cones off the highway and we were playing around with em, wearing em on our heads and such. Down the highway a truck came and we quickly put the cones on our head and waved at him and he started honking his horn to say hi back. We also kinda had a game where we'd duck down if we saw a car coming.

When we got to the school, which took as far longer then what it should of because of how much we were dicking around, but anyway when we got there it was really fun. I think Ian was having a lot of fun. It was pretty nostalgic for him I imagine because he kept going "Oh my god I remember this, or he'd point to a secretly hidden drawing on the playground and be like "Oh my god that's still there? I remember when my friend drew that." We fucked around on the playground and the little obstacle training course that they had, then chilled in this little tunnel at the school. After awhile with more walking around we came across a tarp. Y'know those tarps that primary schools have to protect you from the sun? Yeah those. Well next to it there was I guess this slide thing, so we climbed up the slide and then jumped onto the tarp where we then probably stayed for almost an hour. We just lay up there talking more, and the way the tarp was postioned it was on an angle where there was a top part of the tarp where you could slide down, so we also slid down the tarp. By the time we left the school, it was 3AM.

I don't know why but on the way back there was a bus stop next to the school, and I guess I felt like doing some good ole fashioned teenage rebellious vandalizing. Because I then proceeded to pick up a stone and hurl it at the bus stop glass. Probably not a good or nice thing to do in hindsight, but oh well it doesn't matter because it didn't actually break. It cracked a little but nothing to cause any serious damage.

We got back home pretty quick because we were tired, but on the way back we also stopped at church. I'm not demonic, nor am I religious at all but I really wanted a marker at that point because there was a big ole cross on ground level at the church and I wanted to write 666 on it, just to trigger a bunch of people. But I couldn't.


I did a little bit of thinking regarding Hayley, I'm mostly over her now but every so often she does slip in through my thoughts. I think she may have something going on with Brodie again, I mean I don't really care nor do I feel that jealous. Rather I find it kinda silly. I mean she herself said that he practically cheated on her. But then I see her share something on Facebook with a checkbox with "Single, Taken, I don't know what the fuck is going on." And yeah, the bottom was ticked. But I saw that because there was one of those TBH rate things where you just saw the letter of their first and last name and some 10/10 like always with a selfie which seemed kinda flirtatious with his first and last name letters. Eh. Oh yeah in the past she wrote some thing on Snapchat like "catching feels again :(". I found that pretty dumb to be honest. Y'know like how the fuck do you move on so quick? Ah whatever. A lot of my thoughts concerning her relationship wise is, "Fuck that bitch, she lied, she ran off with some other dude. Fuck her." That's not me saying I'm gonna be mean, or treat her differently. I just know now she isn't good for a relationship I guess.

Oh yeah, I also got a heavier set of weights yesterday. Yay me.

Peace, -Mars.