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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-01-07 10:34:26 (UTC)

Venting About Hayley

Saturday 7th January, 2017

I thought I should vent about this because it is sort of annoying me. Hayley today, and sometimes in the past, vents to me about drama going on in her group of friends. Now I don't know if it's just because she's a year younger then me, or maybe because she's a chick but fucking hell never have I experienced as much petty childish drama once I really started hanging out with girls, but we're mostly talking about Hayley here.

Right so in the past when we still had a thing together she'd occasionally vent to me about problems that were going on with her friends. And hey, that was okay I had no problem being the ear she talked to. So one of the things is she'd have this one girl called Shaina who I guess was like her best friend. She goes to a totally different school then boys college or girls college like me and Hayley go to, but she still goes to one that's still kind of in the Nelson area, or it's at least slightly outside of Nelson. I digress. So at first I'd hear like, "Oh she's my best friend." All of that good stuff, and then one day she comes to me all mad and upset. I'm like okay, I felt bad for her because the way I saw it back then is my baby girl had a problem, because that was what I would call her. But it'd be a reacurring thing with her and Shaina later on. It'd be "Oh I'm so over her honestly I've given her so many chances and she always goes behind my back." Stuff like that. Then it'd be like, "Oh my god I love Shaina so much she's my best friend."

I'm gonna pause here because even as I write that it makes me wince about how fucking stupid that is. I don't know, maybe I'm just blessed with a lucky group of people who aren't total drama queens. In my entire time at college I've had maybe one serious incident about somebody talking behind another persons back. I mean there is literally a one year age gap between me and her, but since I was moved up a year I've been at college longer then her. So she's fairly new to college now I guess and she's having 10x as much drama as I've experienced in my entire time there, in the first fucking year. Moving on.

There have been other friends too who she seems to have problems with, Amelia and even Laura. And it's always some petty bullshit. Recently I've stopped caring, if anything it kind of annoys me now about how insanely dumb it fucking is. Look I'm always keen to help her out with whatever problems I guess, but I mean serious problems not about how you're upset at you're friend for some dumb almost invalid reason.

I get she's bi-polar, sensitive, I try and remember all of that. But the whole snaps she posts on Snapchat with the "I'm so over it." and all this other stuff turning something into something much bigger then it needs to be like christ. Another thing she says is "Oh people just love to treat me like a toy and play with my emotions." No, they don't Hayley. You're being over dramatic. Oh my god.

Tonight she messaged me some shit about one of her friends Maddi, and although I didn't really directly say it, although I did hint it, I kind of agreed with what Maddi was saying to Hayley. Basically what Maddi was saying to her, since Hayley was out with Shaina today, something about Maddi worrying about what Hayley might say about Maddi behind her back because she's always so quick to being "best friends" with Shaina after she just shit talks her. And I agreed with what Maddi was saying in all honesty. I mean I've said the EXACT same thing to Callum and Tyler in the past. Basically when I hinted that Maddi was sort of it in the right, or at least had a good point she just replied with "Mhm" and I didn't bother texting back after that. I couldn't be bothered with their petty little drama. Fucking kids man.

I guess this is good in a way, each passing day I find myself getting over her more and more. What we had is over, and that's okay. I suppose I found some characteristics that I actually like and find attractive in a girl, and found ones that I don't. I still don't feel like getting into a relationship with a girl any time soon, but still.

Peace, -Mars