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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-01-07 05:02:51 (UTC)

Getting Out

Saturday 7th January, 2017

Yesterday the book I ordered about a week ago, Assassins Creed Unity, (yes the book, not the game) arrived. I've been reading it a little bit here and there pausing from time to time to text or do something else. Today I'm at 100 pages. It's a really good book, if it wasn't for me beginning to go out more I would of read a lot more.

Yesterday also I messaged Ian asking him if he was free to just walk around Atawhai, and he was. There wasn't anything too special about what we did together. We just talked a little and caught up about what we had done in the last few days. He also brought us two ice-creams from the Four-Square.

Yesterday I also then brought three new books. Once, Then and Now. They're apart of a book series that I read ages ago where it features a Jewish boy named Felix who lived during the Holocaust.

Today for the most part I didn't do much. I've finished the dubbed version of Naruto Shippuden. I read some of my book. Me and Hayley talked a little bit. She's been going out too,, apparently because she hates being at home because she feels Shane is being too mean to her with the whole name calling thing and hitting her because she's sensitive I guess.

I messaged my friend Ben if he was free to hang, and he was. So we met up at Mc Donalds and walked around to look for a place where he could lock his bike. We then walked back to Mc Donalds and brought some food. We joked around and had fun and sat near this river in town while we ate. After we ate we walked to the grocery store and brought some chips and a drink. For whatever reason he wanted me to pay, even though it was his money, so I said okay. Now like the idiot I am when the guy went to give me the change he was extending his arm with his fist out. Now for some reason I thought he was trying to fist bump me. So I fucking fist bump the clerk, when he was just trying to give me my change. Yeeeeaaaah. Good job.

We then went home around 5:30PM.

Peace, -Mars