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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-01-04 21:16:22 (UTC)

Weird Dreams

Thursday 5th January, 2017

Yesterday I ended up staying up all night, again. Well kind of. So far my sleeping pattern has been stay up all night, go to bed around 11 AM -1 PM and wake up sometime 9 PM - 1 AM. I digress. So I at some point while I was up I decided I actually wanted to go out and do something since for the past few days because of my sleeping pattern I haven't really interacted with people too much. I looked at the time and saw that Tyler, Zed and Ian were last online like an hour ago so I figured I wouldn't even bother asking them since they'd be asleep and probably wouldn't wale up until midday. I then slid Ben and Te Maunga a message asking if they were free tomorrow. Ben said that he was busy but he might be free on Friday, while Te Maunga was free. So I decided I'd hang with him.

Me and Te Maunga agree to hang out, I was meant to catch the bus into town but I ended up missing the bus so I had to get my mom to drive me in. So we agree to meet up at Burger KIng, I'm there and meanwhile I'm texting Te Maunga while he's still on his bus. Eventually he said to just go and wait at the bus deport where he was getting dropt off so I walked over there.

When Te Maunga got off the bus I was kind of shocked. He came off that bus wearing a scarf, short shorts, red lipstick and yellow eyeshadow with eyeliner. I get he is gay and all but god damn, chill. But he's my friend so I was in kind of a mix of "what the fuck" and "yas gurl". But I still didn't quite wanna really be seen with him when he was dressed like... that. So I kind of steered him towards the less populated side of town where there wasn't that many people walking around. We were standing behind this store talking and out of no where he pulls of some cigarettes. I kind of wanted to ask for some, I mean I know he probably would of given me one but it just felt weird asking him in my head so I never did.

At some point we went to a fish and chip store and I brought some food there. We then chilled on the little chairs that they had outside the store and we just talked about things and people. He told me he had to go to something called Q-Youth at 4PM. Q-Youth is basically this thing in Nelson where it's a youth group for kids who are gay, transgender all that. I said I didn't wanna go because in all fairness I'd find a lot of the things cringy, and he even then later said it was probably a bad idea since I say "nigga" a lot and that'd probably trigger the fuck out of everybody since I'm "a white straight male". A bit before 4PM we went there and waited a little bit before I decided to go. I didn't really want to run into any of his friends there.

So I went home, probably played around on my phone for about an hour and then to bed. I woke up sometime during the night after I had some, interesting, dreams. I can still sort of remember some of the details.

Right so for some reason I was on the front field of my school, and my online friend LittleBeaky was there, along with some other older kids who I didn't know. I can't really remember what happened with us but I think we just chilled. Fast forward I was sitting on top of this hill that we have on the front field with some girl. I have no idea who this girl is by the way. But I remember that we were sitting there. Well more like I was laying down and she was sitting on top of me. She had long blonde hair, really white teeth and really bright blue eyes and a white shirt. Anyway this girl was sitting on me while I was kind of leaning upwards and stroking her cheek. I don't really remember us saying anything with each other, but I do remember thinking about how pretty she was... in my dream that is.

Moving on. I at some point got a hard on while she was sitting on top of me, in my dream, and she felt it. We then for some reason snuck off out of school into some building in town to well... have sex. Why we chose to do it in a public building I have no clue, but we never ended up doing it, here's why. So in my dream we were going to do it in some room on the top floor of a building, except she went ahead to make sure nobody was up there while I for some reason stayed behind on the floor below it and waited for the all clear from her. While I was waiting there was this adult who said, " "Mars", what year are you?" which I didn't respond because I think realized it was a truancy officer, which was bad since we were ditching school to be here. I basically avoided all of his questions, and then soon that girl who I was with came bolting down the stairs screaming "Run!" as some security guard was chasing her. So we're both running and we end up in some massive office we're everybody was trying to grab on to us and hold us down.

I then woke up, but I was enjoying the dream, the company of this made up girl in my dream, sexual or non sexual, so I didn't even bother checking what the time was and I forced myself back to sleep. I knew it had been quite a few hours though because there was no longer any light from the outside coming through my curtains.

I soon fell back asleep, I can't really remember this dream all that well but all I can say is well, the girl was gone. I think I was at some house that had a massive drive way, and I was there with some other kids, including this one kid in my history class who I sort of know. His name is Declan. I don't really know why he'd be in my dreams, but alas he was. There was something at the house where we all slept outside and kind of just chilled. I then woke back up again at about 6AM.

So far I haven't really done anything today and in all honesty I don't think I'll continue to do much either. I feel kind of run down and unmotivated. I don't really want to get out of bed even. I feel like getting into writing a little bit. Not like entries but short little novels again. I also got these hand grip thingys which basically kind of make your hands stronger I guess? So I've been using those while I lay in bed and just watch TV. So I'm not being totally unproductive today I guess.

Me and Hayley haven't spoken since New Years either. Just thought I would mention that.

Peace, -Mars