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The Life Of "Mars".
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2017-01-01 20:13:05 (UTC)


Monday 2nd January, 2017

For New Years I basically did nothing. I was planning on hanging out Ian for the night, but around 8PM I asked him if we were still on to hang out and he said he didn't want to. It didn't bother me too much, but I still didn't really want to spend it alone.

I suppose I should write a New Years resolution for myself, but personally I think they're kind of stupid. I mean I think you should always constantly be setting goals for yourself to achieve. However I guess there are things I should aim to do over the course of 2017.

1. Go out more. I'm not a totally anti-social person or anything, I like to go out with friends every now and then. But often I've canceled plans or avoided them all together. I'd like to begin going out more frequently, and even start attending a few parties since I have been invited to some. Maybe.

2. Get my learners license. In New Zealand once you're 16 you can go for your learners license, and very soon I will be 16. I don't really know what I would do with a car just yet but it'd be good to get it out of the way I guess that way I can get my full license sooner.

3. Stop procrastinating as much. This is usually a pretty bad problem for me in school. While I usually past most assignments with an excellence or at least a merit, I often leave them to the very last minute - in some cases things we are given more then a week to do I'll do literally the night before the due date.

4. Focus on my fitness more. I'm not really an out of shape kid or anything, but I'm not entirely an athletic one either. I'd like to change that. Already I've began doing my weights a lot more frequently as well as I've already got a heavier set of weights and I'm already finding them pretty light now. I'd like to go out for runs more too.

5. Stop with the late nights. A massive problem for me is on school nights I probably only get around 6-5 hours of sleep each night, that's if I'm lucky. I have to wake up around 6-6:30AM each school morning, so being a night owl really doesn't help me.

6. Make new friends and acquaintances. In my time at college I've mostly had the same group of friends who I hang out with, but in all honestly I feel I should move on from some of them. Callum in the past has been fake to me and talked shit about me when I wasn't around. I'm not at all a person to hold grudges so this didn't really bother me all that much, but I feel I shouldn't be around somebody like him. Tyler is a cool person, he's funny and fun to be around. But sometimes, and he even admits to this, but he does sort of seem to talk behind peoples backs just a little bit. Jaime is pretty much gone from my life. Ian I want to keep around. I so far don't really like or having any feels towards most kids in my year group though, but who knows, maybe I'll find some kids who I like.

Peace, -Mars