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The Life Of "Mars".
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2016-12-26 03:04:27 (UTC)

Christmas... (2016)

Monday 26th December, 2016

On Christmas Eve me and Ian went out around 9PM and went drinking at the park. We were having some of the Vodka Cruises his dad brought for him, except his dad didn't know we were going out drinking. Since Ian didn't really know how his dad would be about him giving drinks to somebody. My mom didn't know about me going out to drink either. I don't think she'd really care if she knew, but explaining I was doing it with Ian, one of my few friends who she's actually met just seems weird and awkward to me.

Anyway we were at the park drinking and talking about things and just having fun overall. We kept going back to his dads house and grabbing more each time. After awhile I can't really remember much of what happened. The next morning after when I checked my phone I saw that I had drunk texted Hayley and Te Maunga. And there were also kinda weird videos on my phone that I had recorded while drunk, like when we found this cat and I was calling it "Sugar Tits" for some reason. I can't remember what time I got home, I don't even remember going home. I've kind of learnt that I'm a light weight so it really doesn't take much for me to get somewhat drunk or at least tipsy.

Christmas wasn't really at all that special to me. It's kinda more of a materialistic holiday in my eyes anyway. I don't really get presents for Christmas. I kinda just get stuff around the Christmas period like in December and just say it goes towards Christmas. But my mom did order some clothes online that I said I liked, so I guess I'll have those soon.

Sometime around 6PM Shane randomly came to my doorstep and asked for me, I was kind of half dressed with just my shirt and a pair of boxes so I went back inside looking for something to wear. Except a lot of my clothes were in the wash, as well as my pairs of shoes were drying since I got them muddy somehow when I was out drinking with Ian. I probably took a good eight minutes to be honest and when I went back outside I saw he had left. I walked a little up the road to see if I could catch up with him but I still couldn't see him so I went back home. I then messaged Shane asking what that was all about.

Fast forward a few hours and he finally messages me back around about 11:30PM. He just said he wanted to hang but I was taking forever to get ready so he left. Understandable I guess. He then asked if I wanted to come over since his mom (also Hayley's mom) wanted to meet me. Yeah.

I met with Shane around the park that is a little up the road from me, the one that me and Ian go to, and he was there with another dude. He didn't look much older then maybe seventeen but apparently he was in his early twenties. About 22 I think. As we're walking back to their house he stops me and goes, "Okay so what happened with you and Hayley?"

We stopped halfway up the hill they live up and I said, "Alright this is a bit of a long story." I told him the story, about me teasing her and he seemed to already of known this part, and how she wanted to be friends so we wouldn't hurt each other. That we argued after. That we didn't talk for ages. That we then did. I think he still wants me to be with her. I mean he then turned to his friend and said, "Nah I've actually got a lot of respect for "Mars" as a person." He also seems to really dislike Brodie and he was even talking with his friend about beating him up.

When we got to their house Hayley wasn't in the lounge yet, but her mom Carly and her older sister Sam was there. Carly was like "Ohh heyy so is this "Mars"? I shook her hand as well as Sam's and introduced myself. Since that's what I do with people. I had asked them if Hayley knew I was here, since I was a little worried that'd she'd be pissed or upset with me being there. Sam then said "Oh no don't worry I had a talk with her before you came." Hayley came out a few minutes later and then briefly said hey before popping back into her room. She never really came back out. They were also blasting Tech N9ne which was pretty cool.

But anyway I was talking with Carly for quite awhile, they also offered me a beer since they were all drinking. Anyway we're talking and she's probably one of the most chilled people ever. She asked me what I wanted to do as a job and she seemed really happy because I said I wanted to be a social worker who works with kids, because I had a social worker when I was little, and she seemed happy not only because I had a goal but also because she had studied it for quite awhile. They also seemed to have Freya for some reason so I guess right now they can keep her now. And she seemed surprised because Freya came and slept right next to me which apparently she doesn't do around new people. I'm not entirely sure if she knows the whole thing with me and Hayley, where we argued and stopped talking for awhile, but then again I do remember that she said she tells her mom a lot of things since they're really close.

I left around 2:30AM. Honestly her mom is really nice though, she's like "Oh you're allowed around any time hun honestly it's been an absolute pleasure meeting you." and then she hugged be goodbye.

Shane and his friend then walked me home and I think I fell asleep around 3AM.

Peace, -Mars