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The Life Of "Mars".
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2016-12-18 07:07:28 (UTC)

Those Weeks, The Finale

Sunday 18th December, 2016

Right, so Tyler's house is pretty close to Tahuna, so getting down to Tahuna took no time at all. We all agreed to meet up at the Mc Donalds in Tahuna I think. Me and Tyler got there fairly early so we decided to eat before the girls came. After we finished they showed up a few minutes later. So it was me, Tyler, Ally, Bella and Abby. Also, before that Bella and Tyler had been kind of pressuring me to ask Ally to be my girlfriend. I said I wasn't really crazy about dating in general, especially with somebody I didn't like in that way. But since they kept pestering me about it, and giving me this look once Ally showed up, I took her away alone and asked her to be my girlfriend. And she said yes instantly.

I think we first walked down to the playground first and fucked around for a bit. There's like this big whale sculpture that they have and we climbed on that.

We then walked on the beach of ages, and then we walked back. We didn't really do anything crazy on the beach, we just talked and laughed. Y'know, did playful things like kick sand at each other and tell jokes. Snap a few photos here and there. Tyler didn't really talk too much with the girls since I guess he was still sorta shy, but I had grown comfortable with them so I didn't really mind too much.

We then walked back to Mc Donalds and ate there, except Bella walked off and sat with this random group of dudes for some reason. I think it was because we dared her to if I remember right. That was pretty fun, we like fucked around and stole each other drinks and all of that. Tyler snaped a selfie of us too, when none of us were expecting it so our uh, our reactions aren't the best.

After Mc Donalds we went and sat on this field that's by the Mc Donalds. We sat in a circle and like played music while Bella would sing, and occasionally the girls would dance. It was pretty damn fun to be honest.

It was getting to about 5PM by this time, so we went back and walked on the beach where the sun was sort of setting. Me and Ally walked ahead and we just talked about life things. Her parents. Mine. What we wanted to do with our lives. Thoughts. Stuff like that, while Tyler sat back and talked with Bella and Abby. We also sat down on the beach too.

When we came back we were gonna go to the roller skating ring at night, when it opened at 7PM. We got there a bit early so we had to wait before they actually opended. While we waited me and Ally were laying down together with her head on my chest. While Tyler, Abby and Ally did well, I have no idea what they did really. I wasn't paying attention.

Doing the actual rollerskating was... shit, but fun. In all honesty when it comes to skating I am the most unbalanced cunt ever. I fell over a lot and I'm pretty sure I got a bruise here and there from it. Bella was an absolute pro at skating though. I don't see how she could move so damn smoothly without falling over once. When the night ended we said our goodbyes, and Ally gave me a kiss on the cheek. I wouldn't really call that a first kiss thought, would you? I mean I didn't kiss her on the lips or anything.

We continued talking into the night, and again for the next few days. But, I felt kind of weird about dating a girl who I didn't like in that way. I made two pretty bad mistakes after that.

I broke up with her over text on the second day back at school after the term break, HOWEVER, I then lied later saying that it was a friend of mine on my phone who said that to her as a joke. I don't know. It was fucking dumb to make such an idiotic excuse, I know. But I just felt really guilty about it. About breaking up with her, so I guess lying was a better alternative. It wasn't. I told her later the next day that I lied to her, I gave her my reasons, that I didn't want to make her upset. So much for that because she got really upset, to say the least. She said something like "I found it kind of fishy but I didn't want to believe it because I was just so happy that you still wanted to be with me." So yeah, I felt really bad.

Bella was really pissed at me too. We're on good terms now I think, but I know she hated me in that moment since Ally is her best friend.

I kept trying to apologize for days, and it did get kind of better but... well... I was a dick, for reasons I don't even know why. I like to maybe think that I was doing it to push her away from me, but that's probably not the case. Maybe things just felt too weird for me. I don't know. But I started ignoring all of her messages, either not replying to them while still being online or just leaving her on read. I really don't know what my thought process was at that point in time, and I really do regret it because she is a great person and would of still been a great friend to have, but I guess I fucked it up.

One night when I think I was in a bad mood I think I just started being a dick to her not taking anything she was saying to me seriously. I was just sending her back memes in response to whatever she was saying, until she eventually stopped replying and unfriended me. I think Abby unfriended me too, but I still have Bella added on Facebook. It's weird me and Ally still have each other on Snapchat though, for whatever reason.

It was awkward at one point too because me and Tyler were at the movies once and we saw Ally, and she saw us. I think she wanted to come over and say something, but I just tried my best to look away from her. I even asked Tyler if we could just leave at some point because it just felt so awkward to me.

Some of my friends from time to time for the rest of the year would try to roast me about it or bring up her name just because they knew it sort of pissed me off hearing about her, remembering all of that. It was a mix of cringe, self hate, regret and just overall annoyance really.

I've considered writing her an apology for everything a few times, but I don't know if that would maybe make things worse. If she'd end up disliking me more. Y'know, might be best to leave things? She deserves an apology, don't get me wrong. I'm just not sure if she wants one... Decisions decisions decisions...

Seeing Bella at the bus has been kind of weird at times too, because we almost act like total strangers. We'd smile at each other whenever we made eye contact, but other then that we'd be strangers. She messaged me a little while back about her dog going missing and I said I'd keep an eye out for it. Their dog came back the next day and she thanked me anyway.

I know Tyler still hangs out with Bella and Ally, along with my friend Dylan now chills with them too. But eh, it all feels really weird to me.

Also, Ally apparently goes to Bella's house a lot, and Bella lives literally next door to me. So sometimes I'll hear loud laughter or screaming from their house and that's sort of weird as well.

Peace, -Mars