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The Life Of "Mars".
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2016-12-17 21:24:54 (UTC)

Tahuna Fun

Saturday 17th December, 2016

*Had To Reupload Because The Website Wasn't Loading Last Night*

Today was actually really fun, like it went far better then I thought it would be and I actually had a lot of fun. But I also got literally no sleep, I didn't sleep all night and I've now been awake for MOST of today. I mean most because well, I'll get to that part later.

So since Laura lives in Tahuna and Hayley, as well as some of her other friends were staying with Laura we met up in Tahuna. My mom drove me to the wharf in Tahuna where we were going to meet up. Except I lied to my mom about where I was going. I said I was hanging out with my friend Callum who also lives in Tahuna, but in reality I was meeting up with a bunch of chicks. I didn't want to tell my mom because then she'd bombard me with questions about it, and then say dumb shit like "you're not going to try and fuck them are you?". I'm speaking from past experience that's what she's like.

Anyway I'm dropped off at the wharf and once my mom drives off I walk over to the girls, a lot of them went home in the morning so there were far less then what there were last night. There was Hayley, Laura and Tyla. Their other friend Amelia stayed back at Laura's, for whatever reason. I only really knew Laura besides from Hayley, so I didn't talk with Tyla a whole lot. If anything she seemed pretty shy, but cool I guess.

So we're standing at the end of this part of the wharf where some people were fishing. Tyla and Laura went off swimming by the wharf while me and Hayley just sort of watched. Oh and Brodie came a long too shortly after we were at the wharf. I'm actually surprised, I kinda thought I'd hate his guts but he seems kind of likable. When I first saw him I shook his hand, I dunno that's what I do with guys who I'm curious about. Like I did that to Hayley's older brother Shane when I first met him. To be honest, and this is sorta funny but I'm not gonna try and be mean since he was chill but his handshake game was weak as fuck yo. But he was cool. He like offered me food a long with everybody else so I thought that was nice, and he did at least try to conversate with me. We didn't really talk too much until later on.

I don't know how long we were at the wharf for but I'm going to assume it was maybe around half an hour? I don't know I wasn't keeping track of the time. When we left the wharf and began crossing the road since Laura's apartment is literally right next to the wharf, and when we made it across some random ass dude started yelling at us for "not crossing the road safely" like boy what the fuck? The thing is which was funny is he was yelling but because of all the cars passing by it was pretty hard to make out most of what he was saying. So we just kinda laughed at this old dude being all furious waving his hands around at us from the other side of the road. I said he was like a angry mime. I would almost hoping that guy would try and come over and tell us off up close. If he did I would just would of gone in on that guy telling him to fuck off and shit. Like what the hell? You gonna yell at kids who did nothing wrong to give you some fucked sense of power? Nah nigga. Fuck that shit.

Laura's apartment is actually so fucking cool, and her mom is hella fucking rich yo. Her birthday is on the 24th of December I think, but today is her last day in Nelson for awhile since she's going on a cruise trip, and then staying with her other family members for awhile. So we had this little birthday party for her where she had this ice-cream cake thingy. And we did the whole "happy birthday to you" song. I met her mom too, her mom usually goes out and let's them do their own thing but she came in for a little bit. I introduced myself and shook her hand cause manners I guess? And yeah she's actually funny as fuck she roasted me and shit for being short. Like I don't take that shit personally I find it funny even, and I knew she was just playing anyway. Tyla had to go home shrotly after the cake thing, which I didn't eat.

We like dicked around for hours just doing the most random shit from hitting each other with objects, grabbing shit, all of that. I ate a sardine as a dare and almost vomited, well I did a little but fuck. It was also kinda weird at some points almost because Brodie and Hayley did like cuddle and hug but eh, I'm sort of over my jealous stage with her. Still it was kind of weird to see. I'm thinking, "damn that could be me right there." But eh, ehhhhh, whatever. She's happy, I'm happy. We're both happy. That's all that matters right? Anyway we did that stuff for quite a few hours. It was just simple fun yo. Oh yeah there was also like an air mattress and we were like launching each other off it.

I think when we had settled down a bit more I literally fell asleep on the couch for almost an hour, and I guess Laura and Hayley put a blanket on me. So that was sweet haha. I mean being up all night and most of the day is tiring y'know? But at some point they woke me up, but in my tired state I didn't really know what was going on until they started like playing with my hair. Which was fun. It's not really even weird between me and Hayley, like we're both normal and almost act like best friends now, but is that weird, that that isn't weird? Fuckkk. Like we still grab each other and smack each other around, like that night at the park with the bottles so eh, I find that shit fun so that's cool.

Me and Laura talked for quite a bit as well which was crazy really because I didn't think we'd actually have like a steady conversation. I mean we've met in person before through Hayley but y'know that was almost like a side person thing.

I think Brodie had to go around 4PM, then Hayley had to go around 5PM. I was actually kinda happy with Brodie said "It was nice meeting you "Mars"." Anyway, Brodie left by himself, but when it was Hayley we like walked her down to her moms car since she had extra luggage from staying there for three weeks. I saw her mom in the car, and I think she saw me, but she never really knew what I looked like I think. So now I'm curious, doe's she know that's me? I dunno I just wonder about small things. Bad habit.

So for basically the next hour me Laura and Amelia dicked around doing things. Laura wanted to put makeup on me and I'm like "hey cool yeah let's see how I look with makeup." Bitch. I look f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s. Nah we did it as a joke just to be funny but hey it was funny.

We found that Hayley had forgot to bring her charger, and later she remembered she forgot to bring her laptop. So I got it for her, since we both like in the same place.

I left around 6PM. I could of been picked up at the wharf again but I wanted to walk for a little just to chill, so I walked from the wharf into town and then to Burger King where I texted my mom to pick me up. For the walk I had to carry her laptop.

On the way back I had $15 to spend so we stopped at the Four Square in Atawhai and I brought like four different energy drinks cause y'know, fuck being healthy.

But I properly got home around 6:40PM and then I met up with Hayley around 7PM just to give her her stuff. It was brief but I said I wanted it to be brief since I wanted to go home and sleep. I would of slept but then I remembered that I should write this as an entry before I forget a lot of today's events.

So to summarize it all I guess today was really cool and I had a lot of fun with them. My total disliking of Brodie has like disapeared and I've learned he's pretty cool. Me and Hayley have basically stopped all of our beef and we're chill. I'm like proper friends with Laura now too. So that's really cool. It's for sure one of the highlights of December for me. And there's still Christmas and New Years to look forward to. Nah I'm not a Christmasy person but it should still be cool.

Peace, -Mars