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The Life Of "Mars".
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2016-12-13 10:43:51 (UTC)

Those Weeks, part two

Tuesday 13th December, 2016

So last time we left off with me and Tyler going home. Later Ally messaged me saying she had a lot of fun. We continued to talk for a few more days.

About two days later we decided to meet up again, this time she wanted to bring her friend Bella, who unbeknownst to me at the time, lives literally right next to me. It was decided that me, Tyler, Abby, Ally and Bella would all meet up at Mc Donalds. The problem is they said "meet at Maccas" which I guess is the slang for Mc Donalds. I thought it was the slang for Burger King. So I'm waiting outside Burger King yeah, while Tyler is at Burger King. The girls were still on their way. So I message Tyler and I'm like, "Yo where are y'all I'm at Burger King." and I remember him being like "why the fuck are you there?" So I quickly got over to Mc Donalds once I realized my mistake. It's only about a ten minute walk apart.

Me and Tyler sat down at Mc Donalds for about 10 minutes before the girls arrived. We were sitting in the outside area, I don't think me and Tyler actually ate. We just like had a frozen coke. Soon Ally and Abby left to go grab something to eat, and left Bella with us. Bella is a pretty cool person but at the time she almost came off as a bit of a bitch. As soon as they left she turned to me and probably gave me the bitchest smile I've ever seen and said "alright let's cut the shit when are you going to ask Ally out?" I'm like, "woah, uhhh, ummm, woah." I can't remember what my exact answer was but I think I said something like, "we're just friends, we're chill."

So they came back shortly after me Bella and Tyler talked a little to get to know each other better. The plan was that they were uh, they were gonna go bra shopping. Yep, bra shopping. So me and Tyler decided that we'd go and do our own thing, cause uh, bra shopping ain't really a thing that guys are thrilled about doing. Or at least I'm not thrilled about doing it.

So me and Tyler go off and do our own thing for about an hour, I think we grabbed some Maccas where we actually ate this time. Then we just walked around for a little.

We decided to then meet up at the church steps in Nelson, and then we went inside the church. I'm not at all religious, but the place was pretty cool I guess. We didn't do anything like praying, in fact I was probably kinda disrespectful since I was like standing on the church seats and hanging from shit. But eh.

We then left a little while later and walked around town, going into various shops and kinda just looking around, because otherwise there's not a whole lot to do in town to be completely honest. But it was chill. I caught the bus home around 4PM.

Me and Ally continued to talk back and forth for awhile longer. I went to Tyler's dads house about a week after that had happened, and there we were all supposed to meet up again.

Abby and Ally were still both staying at Ally's house.

I'll continue the rest later, new GTA update came out. See ya.

Peace, -Mars.