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The Life Of "Mars".
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2016-12-13 09:34:26 (UTC)


Tuesday 13th December, 2016

So earlier Hayley messaged me on Snapchat about some shit between her and Shaina. To be completely honest I didn't really care, I mean she was like complaining about somethings like "oh yeah she stabbed me in the back." okay, yeah I cared about that part. But the rest it was like, "she's such a slut." Eh. I honestly didn't really care about if she was a slut or not. Fuck whoever matey, own yo vagina. Anyway after I tried to coach her through it, I asked how she was otherwise. She said "good I guess." To be fair I didn't really feel like having some meaningless conversation with her so I tried to wrap it and basically tried saying goodbye.

She then hit me with, "wait I wanna talk." So I asked her to unblock me on Facebook just because I hate talking on Snapchat. So we went there. It was a little awkward to be fair, because we had started off where we left off at a very bad argument. As well as her nickname was still set to "Cuddle Bear" and mine was still set to "My Baby". Cringy names I know, but that was a little awkward and kinda thought it'd be funny to mention.

We continued to talk for maybe five minutes before I put my phone down and went off for about five minutes. When I came back I saw I had a missed called from Laura and Hayley basically spamming me with "can you call?". So I told her to get Laura to recall me (since they were using her Lauras phone with Hayley's charged) and us three talked randomly for about an hour all together. It was uh, kind of weird, but cool at the same time? It's hard to kinda give an accurate description on how I felt about it really. Goodesh? It was good overall I guess.

But my desire to date Hayley, or to even have a thing with her is like gone, it's out the window. And I'm still pissed at her about the whole ordeal don't get me wrong. But I'm really not one to hold grudges. Even being friends with her seems sorta weird to me though y'know? How can you go from being this, this thing, where you call each other babe and baby, where you stay up to the point where you're almost passing out because your so tired but they're worth it to stay up, how do you go from all that, to being just simply friends again like nothing ever happened? I don't know. It just seems all a bit too weird for me. Still, I guess we're cool again? We're past our argument stage, maybe.

But if she then breaks up with Brodie and tries to have a thing with me again I'm not gonna have it. I ain't nobodies rebound. I think they're not really gonna last too long because after doing a lil bit of lurking, because hey waddup future FBI agent right here, I found that he kinda seems to have a new girlfriend every few weeks. As well as there was a thing where he basically already cuddled with some other chick. I mean like they kinda spooned, I don't mean a casual hug. As well as there was this thing where him and Hayley were face timing except he sorta ignored her and played his game. Heh so I dunno, I know what she's like and she's crazy about getting attention so ahhh, I dunno. I mean I played my games a lot but I always stopped them for her. So eh, eh whatever right?

But, I guess we have been revived.

The past few days and today have been sort of dull I guess. I mean nothing real exciting has happened y'know? My sleep clock is back to being fucked where I wake up at like 1-3PM. I was so fucking sick yesterday honestly. Eugh.

I've also got a dentists appointment tomorrow around 4PM. So I'm now wondering if I'm gonna try and go to bed on a responsible time. Probably not.

Peace, -Mars