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The Life Of "Mars".
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2016-12-11 13:01:05 (UTC)

Those Weeks, part one

Sunday 11th December, 2016

Alright so let's cut back a little to around the end of term one. I had recently got Facebook again after not having it since the Stella incident, and I decided to message an old friend of mine from Intermediate - Kirsty.

I wasn't at all trying to hit her up or anything, or "slide in the DMs" nah, I was just generally interested in how she was doing. I mean she was a pretty good friend to me back in year eight. Plus she is literally about 6ft I think, while I'm pretty short. So even if I did like her in that way, which I didn't, that would look very very very, weird.

Anyway, we talked pretty much back and forth for maybe two weeks? They were usually pretty silly conversations. She's a really cool person. One day, me and Tyler went into town. So we were sitting at this one table in Burger King until Kirsty, along with all her friends walked in. Didn't even know she was coming. Except I didn't know for 100% if it was her or not because she was surrounded by her friends and then when they sat behind us she was out of my view. But eventually I guess she saw me and said my name.

So not wanting to look like a pussy or an awkward cunt, I walked over and said hi. We talked for a little while, and then this one girl called Ally asked me, "Wait, are those your school shoes?" with probably one of the bitchest looks I had ever seen. I jokingly said "Uh yeah, totally." and she just said "Oh." me and Kirsty, along with her friend Hannah, talked for a few more minutes before I went back to my table with Tyler. They left about five minutes later because they were going to the movies, Hannah and Kirsty stopped and said bye to me while the rest kinda just walked off.

Fast forward to night time. I was staying the night at Tyler's mom's house. We were in his room for the night, with my Ps4 and TV and his Ps4 and TV in the same room. For awhile I played my game that is until me and Kirsty were texting again, they called me too, and I talked with them on the phone while Tyler kinda just sat back and listened. Then at some point me and Ally, who had got on Kirstys phone started talking. We were joking in a sexual way, but we were just joking. I mean the things were like "fuck yeah fuck my earhole." Yeah, I don't even know how that came about. Eventually Kirsty got her phone back off Ally and she's like "y'all are nasty let me recommend you a church so you can learn about Jesus." Then me and Ally started messaging each other privately. I can't quite remember what we were talking about and she at some point said "Sorry if I came off as a bit of a bitch earlier haha." Which I said was fine. We went to bed around maybe 2AM? Well she did. Pretty sure me and Tyler went to bed by 4AM.

Me and Tyler woke up around 11PM I think and by this time his two younger siblings had both gone to friends houses while his mom was at work, so we had the house all to ourselves. Me and him played on our Ps4s in the lounge for most of the day while me and Ally continued to text.

We kept texting for maybe a week or so while me and Kirsty kinda stopped talking. I usually don't text people in general to be honest, little alone constantly juggling more then one conversation to me seems kinda eh. So eventually me and Kirsty just stopped talking.

Anyway Ally kinda made it pretty clear to me she liked me, I wouldn't really say I liked her in that way though. I mean she was a really cool girl and all, really she was. I just didn't like her in that way. At some point we agreed to meet up at Burger King with Tyler and her friend Abby. That day, that day was actually really fun. We met up at Burger King and ate for a little, admittedly things were slightly awkward at first. I mean I didn't really do the whole talking to girls thing and I know for a fact Tyler was shy as hell around girls. So I made it my job to make things well, not awkward. So I kept the conversation going. I kept thinking "Keep it going keep it going." Until it was just a fluent, good funny conversation.

At some point we left and walked out to Tahunaui. Tahunaui is basically along the coast of the beach. It's usually a pretty long walk and it took as about an hour to walk. But it was fun. At some point me and Abby would make little detours and walk alongside the actual beach and not on the road, which led to my shoes getting completely soaked.

There is a pretty big park at the Tahunaui beach and we played there for a bit. There's like this castle that you can go in and we just sat there talking. We probably looked like a couple of druggos. We played on the swings too.

We then walked for ages on the beach, just back and forth talking and stuff. It was really chill. By this point it was getting pretty late. Like around 6PM late, so it was darkesh. So they had to go home. Ally actually lives in Tahuna, and Abby was staying with her. My mom picked me and Tyler up soon after.

I'll continue with the story later.

Peace, -Mars