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The Life Of "Mars".
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2016-12-11 09:51:40 (UTC)

Karma Bless Me

Sunday 11th December, 2016

Ight yo, let me make this entry real fucking quick because I'm actually kinda lit right now.

So around 9PM Hayley hits me with some depressive kinda shit. So now there's a part of me thinking to say this, "Why are you telling me? Go tell your boyfriend Brodie." but, I guess I still do care for her in someway. Regrettably. Ight so anyway, and I do feel bad about this bit, her dog, Freya, well they can't afford to keep her anymore. I feel bad about that yeah, so I did try and comfort her saying she'll easily find a new home since she is a good dog.

Later she says, "You probably don't wanna hear this but could I show you something?" and I say okay.


Ight so she posts about three photos that I guess she snagged from some other chicks Instagram, with Brodie, her boyfriend, the one she replaced me with, cuddling some girl who "he had just met". BRUH. Tell me that ain't karma yo? Anyway. She asks me, "Is this cheating?" I gave her my honest answer. I said,

"Uhhh, I mean if they're like long time friends or cousins or whatever then no. And its not like they're kissing but uh, that kinda seems a bit, extra touchy feely. But idk, sort of but eh, kinda? Idk"

She says, "So technically yes or no. And they had just meet that day."

I say, "If they had literally just meet in person yesterday and they're kinda like that then uh idk, I'd kinda say yeah if it wasn't like some quick friend hug. That sorta seems like a bf/gf hug /cuddle."

She said, "Cause he is meant to be my boyfriend."

I say, "Yeah I know. But idk if he's like hugging girls in that way, and not just like some friendly hello or goodbye thing then uhhhh. Idk, seems kinda fishy. But idk, maybe there's a good reason for it."

She says, "Yeah, idk anymore and I honestly I couldn't care less people love playing with my emotions cause I just play it cool. Night "Mars" thanks for the help."


Look yo, I dunno, I almost find it somewhat funny. I mean she ditched me for a guy, who then cheated on her. Because I dunno, in hindsight looking at the photos they're uh, heh. Bad. I dunno, I'll try and be nice to her but I can't help but find that a bit funny. Call me a dick or whatever but damn. Ah.. Fucked thing is I still care about her haha, otherwise I would of told her to fuck off probably. Eugh.

Peace, -Mars.