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The Life Of "Mars".
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2016-12-06 10:45:25 (UTC)

Life Without...

Tuesday 6th December, 2016

Today was actually kind of fun. I got drunk, again, so I`m gonna have to go back and edit this probably because my typing is fucked up.

I played GTA for about two hours, and then me and Tyler were gonna hang.

When I walked up to his house the door was open, and his mom and younger brother and sister weren`t home. I didn`t know where he was at first, and I even walked into the house after knocking on the open door and calling out Tyler`s name for a few minutes. When I went into his room I saw that he wasn`t there either, so I kind of assumed that they had all gone out last minute and forgot to shut the door or something. So I left.

When I got back to my place I saw 3 missed calls from Tyler asking where I was. I kinda thought he was messing with me at first because he was like "What? Dude I've been home alone the entire time." But then he said, "Oh no dude I moved my bedroom into the garage. Sooo I walked back to his house and he was in the garage.

We chilled for a little bit and he played the new Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare zombies while I watched, and we drunk a bit too. Yeah apparently he drinks as well, I mean he said he did in the past but I thought he was just joking or taking the piss.

I also informed him on what had happened with me and Hayley, the big ass love message she sent me, the argument, that stuff. And even he said "Yeah she seems kinda weird bro." or something like that.

Then walked down to the dairy and I brought three drinks, two Lifts and one Monster to be precise. Then on the way back I dropped one of the Lifts and the Monster off and then I headed back up with Tyler to his house. By this time his brother and sister were home, but his mom wasn't yet.

We chilled a bit more for a little before me and him, along with another friend of ours played zombies together. Me and Tyler did split screen.
We lasted for quite a while, despite it being mine and Dylans first time playing. His mom came in and gave us pizza while we continued to drink and play.

Hayley messaged me too at one point. But I either didn't care or I was too drunk to really even notice but yeah she messaged me about something that I can't even remember and we sent like two messages and I just said "ok" to something I think? And she didn't respond.

I dunno. I can't really be bothered talking to her to be honest. I mean, to me I feel like she fucked me over, I mean I relooked over our messages while I was trying to find that big love message she sent me and while I was scrolling up I saw one of our arguments where she said "I'm not ready for a relationship. Not with you or anybody else." So yeah. That went out the window hah. Whatever. I'm trying not to care and being drunk helps I guess, but there is a part of me that does care I guess. Ah fuck.

Guess I'm just going to have to adjust to life without her, even though for quite a few months she was a key part of my day. So adjusting to shit without her to me is a bit of a struggle, to say the least, but I'll manage I guess. I'll just try to surround myself with my buds. Might go drinking sometime with Tyler, Dylan, Zed and the other boys. Probably Ian too. I mean my mom seems fine with me drinking and smoking, so there's nothing really holding me back, besides money of course.

Peace, -Mars