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The Life Of "Mars".
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2016-12-05 08:50:09 (UTC)


Today was pretty boring I guess. I played GTA for a bit. I started drinking at 11PM and have been since. The drink isn't very strong, but I've had a few so it is kind of taking it's toll. Like right now I have to keep on going back and correcting my spelling.

Me and Tyler might hang out together tomorrow and just chill.

Hayley tried messaging me tonight, but I wasn't really having it to be honest. She kept on trying to start a conversation or whatever and I'd be like, "ok?" and then I just asked her, " :/ just why are you messaging me enough? I don't understand."

I was drunk so I think I meant to say right now, and not enough.

She said, "What?"

I said, "you like laughed at me yesterday lmao when Iwas legitimately upset lol. U confuse me frfr."

She says, "I was in a silly mood sorry. And I didn't mean to send that emoji. Ahahah."

The emojis I'm pretty sure she's lying about, because she sent two different ones.

I say, ":/ rightyo"

She says, "Oi "Mars" chair up" with a chair emoji. I didn't get the joke at the time, so I say "what?"

She asks, "R u not happy for me?"

I say, "I hoped I could of been ur happiness but IDK, u hurt the hell of me lmao so I'm kinda trying not to give a fuck anynore. I still stand by everything Isaid yesterday, so the answer is no I'm not"

She said, "Well fuck okay. Bye then."

And then I didn't respond. She wanted to go date another dude and now say that she loves him, do the whole 11:11 thing for him, yeah nah I'm not having it. She wanted to say "nah I'm not ready for a relationship lets just be friends but I still like you" and then goes off and dates another dude who she hasn't known nearly as long. "I'm deeply in love with you" "I want you and only you" bittttchhh. Yeah nah fuck that aye. I'm done. Donnneeeskies. She can go off and date someone else, it hurts yeah, but nah I'm done.

Now the question is, do I keep consuming this alcohol, or do I let it consume me?

Brandi is still being a big help. Best internet buddy ever I swear. Well her and James. But she's amazingly great and kind.

Sooo, kill me yeah? - Mars