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The Life Of "Mars".
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2016-12-02 05:05:47 (UTC)

Internet Friends

Friday 2nd December, 2016

Internet friends are something that I've had for quite awhile, basically ever since I was ten years old. They've varied from people who I became pretty close with, to people who were just game friends and nothing more really. Some people I'd know so much about, their face, their age, their voice. Others I knew maybe their name at the most. But that's okay.

I like the idea of having internet friends. With the anonymity of the internet you lose almost all insecurities you may have. You don't have people judging you by your looks, how you dress, your family or other things like that. There's no room for hating on things like that. All you're really left with is the persons core self.

I get it's easy who you really are on the internet, and a lot of the time growing up I've been told never to talk to strangers on the internet. I've seen the whole pedophile videos about people finding out girls addresses through them releasing too much information. But what you gotta remember is millions of people have access to the internet, pedophiles and other creeps only make up a very small percentage of the population. That's not to say you should then be completely open with people, I fully believe you should still have some bit of anonymity, but I think the scenarios shown in those internet safety videos or whatever are pretty far fetched and unlikely.

One of my friends that I've had for awhile now is a guy called James. James is from Kansas City in the USA. He recently turned 22 and has been my friend since I was 12. We first met back on GTA when I wanted to join his crew. He's a pretty funny dude. We shit talk each other all the time, but then we can also talk seriously about things. For example, the night my internet went out we were talking about politics and the election. We joked about it later, saying that the government took down my internet because I "knew too much and was realsing sensitive information." He's said that I'm the "only young nigga who I fuck with."

Another guy is CP (Cory). He was around 30 years old I think. I haven't seen him or heard from him all year. He is from somewhere in Minnesota. The last that I know from him is that him and his wife had divorced a few years back, and he was constantly fighting for custody of his little kid who he rarely got to see. He had left his job as a chef because he didn't like his boss and was shifting from little jobs on the side back and forth. I met CP when I had met James. They were like my two best friends back then.

There's Brandi, a 19 year old girl from Kentucky in the USA. I've known her since last year since I joined a different crew on GTA. She's been great, me and her have talked daily almost nonstop last year and this year. But because of timezones sometimes it's only five messages a day. Sometimes it's heaps. She's helped me through a lot of things and I truly think she's a great person. Our conversations are usually pretty silly but sometimes we're serious too.

There's Aiden too. Aiden just turned 16 this week and he lives in Las Vegas I think, or somewhere in that area. Aiden I knew last year through the whole GTA community that I'm in but we only really became friends this year. He's a really good kid. He's had a pretty rough hand of cards dealt to him in his lifetime and that really sucks because he's actually so nice and funny.

There is Jess. Jess, along with Beaky, is probably my longest lasting internet friend way back from Mayhem. She turned 16 this year and lives in the UK, Gloucester. She's a pretty cool chick, at one part we kinda had this weird internet relationship thing. Cringy, I know. But I kinda did actually care about her a lot. I dunno, once I get attached to someone - really attached, I care about em a lot and it becomes something I can't really turn off too much. I think for some strange reason for maybe term three and a bit of term four I got hung up on her again. I think it only ended in January this year. I have no idea why either. I think it was because in assembly we had some speech about how we spend our time on earth. One part was like, "You spend so and so much time sleeping, hopefully you will be able to sleep next to someone you love." I don't know. That made something inside me click. I kept thinking about her after that. Each morning I'd look at the sky and think, "I wonder how Jess is doing right now?" Certain songs would make me think of her, "Chasing Cars" by Snow Patrol. "MagentaLavaLamp" by Bones. For most of last year we'd only send one huge message on what we had been doing every few months. Sometime early on this year we added each other on Facebook and Snapchat and began talking a bit more frequently. She's in college now, works at an ice-cream shop, and runs a small Youtube channel with 2000 or so subscribers. One of her videos actually got like 20k views. It was about GCSEs or something.

Beaky (Matrim) is somebody who I've got added on Facebook too. He's from Australia and lives in Sydney. To me in a weird way in my odd youthful self, I found a role model in him. I actually respect him a lot, he's pretty good with words and I find him to be pretty likable and understandable. Him, as well as Jess, I like because they even talk and act the same on their Facebook. To me that just kind of says that the way they were online, were kinda how they were also in real life. And I like that. I haven't really seen Beaky too much this year. We spoke briefly for a little bit this year though.

There have been others I could list off and not go into too much detail with, or I could go into a lot. But I'll list of some other peoples usernames past and present.

-Jess19 (Not UK Jess)