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The Life Of "Mars".
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2016-11-23 11:44:34 (UTC)

Casual Day

Wednesday 23rd November, 2016

Today was kind of casual I guess. I woke up around 3PM and did my usual thang, y'know open my curtains, shower, brush my teeth, eat...

I watched TV for a little bit and then got on GTA with a few online buddies of mine. It was pretty funny and I laughed a lot with em.

I kept wondering what Hayley was doing and I still missed her a lot. I just couldn't really stop thinking about her. I managed to re-download Snapchat and I saw she was having fun I guess, so I guess if she's feeling a bit better now then that makes me happy. Still I wish I could be making her happy too.

I've been pretty happy with how I look recently, I mean I've almost got abs which is pretty good for a guy who doesn't really play sport. Unless running and weights count. I'm pretty content with being short now I guess, I think I'm estimated to grow between 5"6 - 5"8 so I guess I'm always doomed to be a short dude, but I mean I'm not too bothered about it I guess. Not like how I used to be. If you're wondering by the way I'm pretty sure I'm like 5"5. And it's not like I'm Prince Charming or anything, but I consider myself to be pretty alright looking.

Earlier when I let my dog to go outside to do his business around 12am I don't know why but I was kind of reminded of Hayley. The street lights, the nighttime, the smell of the grass and air. It kind of brought me back to that euphoric feeling I had when I was walking home from that night at the park. Shit, is it really getting to the point where things like these are reminding me of her? Fuckin hell. Hopefully we sort this shit out and I guess the end of the week is coming close so hopefully we'll talk then and be a bit more calm and work things out.

I feel kind of bad for her now though, tomorrow is the anniversary of her friends death and I know she's probably going to be really sad about that the entire day, and since we're giving each other space I can't really even try to be there for her.

My last exam is on December 1st and it's for classical history. Y'know stuff about Rome, Ancient Greece. We've gotta do two essays, one on the life of Caesar and another one about the Colosseum. I can't remember too much about Caesar since we mainly focused on him at the start of this year but I know I've got a few practice essays that I wrote on him which my teacher said were excellence so I guess I'll just try and revise on those. I don't know how I'll really do on the Colosseum. I think I'll focus a bit more on the Caesar essay then the Colosseum's one.

Guess I'm gonna end it off here. I really hope Hayley is fine at school tomorrow, and hopefully we get things back on track soon

-Peace, Mars.