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The Life Of "Mars".
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2016-11-23 03:24:52 (UTC)

Thoughts and Rambling: Music

Wednesday 23rd November, 2016

I don't know why I've been thinking about different music lately. I've always tried to be fairly open minded to what people like and I think in a way understanding what type of music somebody likes kinda gives a deeper perspective into what their mindset might be at the moment. But I can't say for certain, I mean after all some of the lyrics in some of the songs I listen to are well, I wouldn't say they accurately described me all the time.

Growing up I never really had a favorite genre, pretty much every song I would ever hear would be songs on the radio so I wasn't really exposed to anything else that wasn't mainstream and hip. I wasn't really that educated on specific bands or singers either. Except for like Linkin Park, so I guess I kinda was a bit of an edgy kid from the early 2000's. I listened to something called "Crazy Frog" too. But I don't know what I would class that as.

There were other songs too, like "Hey ya" by OutKast. Or "Same Mistake" by James Blunt. Y'know, songs kinda like that.

I didn't really start getting into my own type of music until maybe year 9 when I decided to actually adventure out. There was this one song by a band called Three Days Grace and the song was called "Never Too Late." I didn't find it myself, my friend from Mayhem called Beaky showed me in some piece of advice he was trying to give me.

First of all I think I was into electronic stuff. It wasn't quite dubstep, I never really liked it too much but it was electronic. I think I listened to DeadMau5 a bit and his first song that I heard was "Raise Your Weapon".

Somewhere along the way I found myself get more and more into rock. I experimented with metal a little bit but I never really found any songs that I actually liked except for a select few. And even then I didn't really branch out that much. I stuck with bands like My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace and Skrillix and I guess I was pretty content on constantly replaying their songs over and over again.

I'm pretty sure I stuck with rock until early this year in January. But this year is where I guess I branched out more.

I got into rap firstly and I'm still pretty into it. I mean I always knew what rap was but I only ever knew a select few artists who were well known. But what changed is the rap that was I was firstly into was a different genre and style of rap, it was a lot more slow paced. I'm not really into that style anymore.

I'm not really into a lot of the mainstream music that's played on the radio or the music channel anymore. I think a lot, not all, but a lot of it sounds like trash. That's just me though, each to their own I guess.

Somewhere along the way after I guess being exposed to it by some online friends of mine who are from the States who are more into it. I found myself liking a lot of really aggressive stuff. For example, I'll take some lyrics from one song I like;

"Burying bodies all over the town
The Satanic killer
The gripper of triggers that haunts all the rivers
The blood is my liquor
Triple 6 marked on my grave
Cynical 59, death we crave
Sharping the blade so the wrist can be shaved
Enslaved to the minds of the fucking new wave
Creep in the alley the valley of death
Deep in the city of choppers & tecs
I'm deaf to the screams of the innocent
Fuck all the citizens
The fucking militant of the infenant punishment
I need a stimulant
Give me the coke I'm sniffing it
Articulate my ignorance"

I mean I could quote a whole bunch of shit there but I guess you can kinda get the idea of what I listen to a lot.

Lil Peep
Suicide Boys
Ski Mask The Slump God
Devilish Trio

There's a lot more then that, and don't get me wrong there are still different rappers who I listen to who don't have that whole really aggresive vibe, like Night Lovell or Witt Lowry.

Recently however, and while I still listen to rap pretty much daily I've now kind of gotten into a different type of music. I wouldn't really even know what genre it is either. It reminds me of some shit from the 80's. It might be like an old version of ChillWave or whatever. They're bands I guess but I still wouldn't know how to really class em.

There's Wavves, Snowmine and Cigarettes After Sex which are all I guess a bit more known. But there are a lot of others that I like too. It's kinda weird going from really aggressive music to chill music.

If anybody shows me a song I like to try to listen to it at night when I'm alone with my thoughts and I like to try to pay attention to lyrics to perhaps understand what the person got out of the song. I some of the times in my case the lyrics don't have that much meaning, but y'know.

I remember Hayley showed me two songs from Twenty One Piolets ages ago. And it sounded pretty good, but as I began to understand the lyrics it made me kind of dislike the songs. It's not like they were exactly bad, I mean I thought the song sounded good. But the lyrics were well, sad and depressing. And then thinking about Hayley sitting there listening to that song, feeling all of it's emotions which may of further fueled whatever depressed feelings she may of been feeling kind of upsets me. But I shouldn't judge. I mean I listen to songs that are kinda sad when I'm sad too, and in a way I find it kind of therapeutic so maybe she does too. Dunno.

Guess I should end things off here.
-Peace, Mars.