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The Life Of "Mars".
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2016-11-19 17:03:58 (UTC)

The Gathering

Saturday 19th November, 2016

Today was actually surprisingly a really good day for me. For the first time in well awhile I willingly set an alarm and woke up early. Well I woke up at twelve, but for a guy who usually goes to bed between two and six AM when he doesn't have school, waking up at twelve to me is early. Anything before that is ungodly.

I went to go hang out with Hayley and her friend Laura at around 1:30PM at the park in the place where I live. Laura was staying at Hayley's house for the night.

When I got there they were already at the park playing on the swings. We dicked around on the swings for quite awhile, well we mostly sat down and talked. There were a bunch of these little kids at the park too, and me Hayley and Laura were talking about porn as a joke, and these kids heard us. That was scary these were little ass kids, like they said they were ten and nine. I didn't wanna corrupt no little kiddies and have them asking their parents what porn was. One of the kiddies asked us what porn was, we tried to quickly lie and talk about pawn shops but then they quickly started laughing saying "Don't lie to us we know what porn is!" How the fuck does this little kid know what porn is? I was laughing so hard. They began to chime in on our conversations more and more. We somehow got onto the topic of us being pornstars.

Eventually Hayley's little sister came to the park and we left shortly afterwards to walk down to the grocery store down the road because Laura wanted to buy a drink. It was fun walking down too, so was being in the store and so was walking backwards. They decided that they were going to go back home, so we said our goodbyes and I went home on the way back up. I arrived home at around 3:10PM.

Me and Hayley didn't really talk too much when I got home, mostly because I was pretty tired. I went to sleep for a few hours and woke up sometime past five PM. When I woke back up, due to my next door neighbours being hella fuckin loud, I saw a message from Hayley asking if I wanted to play Spotlight with her later tonight at the park and I said yes, even though I had no idea what Spotlight was. We talked for a bit but she wanted to play with Laura for a bit I guess so she said "See you at 8:30" and she went offline for a bit. Except instead around 7:40 PM she said that they were leaving for the park and to go whenever. So I left about ten minutes later after I got ready.

When I got to the park there was her older brother Shane and her little sister again, along with Laura of course. For awhile we just chilled and had fun. Now the game Spotlight was basically a game where you'd have a person who was the tagger and they'd have to spot you. It was sort of like tag in the dark. Since we arrived there early it wasn't quite dark enough to play Spotlight so we decided to play "Go Home Stay Home". That game is like you have a home base yeah, and a tagger. The home base was this kind of spiderweb climbly thing. Anyway the tagger would have to count to 100 while everybody else hid, then the tagger would have to try and find everybody else while still guarding the home base. Since there were a lot of bushes there were places to hide.

Firstly I think Shane was it, then Hayley, then me. I didn't get anyone. That wasn't because I was super slow either by the way! Shane distracted me while Laura was hiding practically at homebase and got there easy, with that Hayley wiggled her way past and so did Shane. All that was left was Hayley's little sister Georgie. It was a stand off, everybody was cheering her on to get past me. Hayley started trying to hold on to me while I had to try and force her off me. Don't worry I wasn't rough. But eventually Shane and Hayley quickly grabbed me and let her get past. So I fuckin lost hah. After that me and Shane were in together. Shane got Gerogie, and I got Laura and Hayley. I uh, I accidentally pushed Laura over when I tagged her. So opps?

Then Laura was in by herself. I managed to escape her and so did Hayley and Shane. Barely. Georgie hadn't been in yet and we kinda wanted to give her a turn, but since she was a lot younger then the rest of us Hayley was with her. Me Shane and Laura tried to sneak around in this river bank next to the park but Laura then sold me and Shane out and told them we were sneaking there. Shane bolted without me and I got basically corned to the edge of the bank by Georgie where if I stepped back any further I would of fell in the water. There was a part of me thinking, "Fuck it be savage and just go in the water." but I wasn't tryna get wet. Hayley then came along and luckily tagged me. I mean luckily because I think it would of destroyed my pride and ego to be the only one tagged by a little ass kid.

We sorta chilled with Go Home Stay Home from there and we said we should play Duck Duck Goose as a joke, until we all said "Actually nah aye I'm kinda keen for some Duck Duck Goose." So yeah, we played Duck Duck Goose. It was kind of dark by this stage too so the game was illuminated by a torch. It was actually pretty fun, even though it's a little kids game.

At some point Georgie wanted to go home so Shane walked her back to their house since it was dark so I was left there with Hayley and Laura. We somehow got into hitting each other with this plastic bottle that Laura had. We didn't hit each other hard, or at least I made sure I only really ever tapped her with it for the most part. It was us play fighting over who had the bottle and then us hitting each other with it which was actually kinda fun.

There were other small details of the night too like her messing around with my hair or us shining the torch at each other pretending to be cops.

There was a point where Shane and Laura were kinda just sitting on the slide together casually while me and Hayley sat together on this grass bank still sorta fighting over the bottle. Except I think maybe, just maybe, we got to the point where we weren't really even interested in it anymore. It was just a weird excuse to hold each other. I know that sounds weird since she said she just wanted to be friends, but she sent me this message later which I'ma copy and paste;

"I like when u were trying to get the bottle and when we kind of gave up and my head was kinda of laying on your lap"

Dunno if that is her saying anything, but I mean she also took my beanie when I tried to get it back we kinda just held each others arms. That sounds weird I know, and it kinda is I guess. But still. Not saying any of that means anything, but maybe I have hope in the future for that sorta thing...

At about 10:06PM we decided we should go home since it was kind of getting late. We said our goodbyes and I walked home feeling pretty happy. Really happy actually. Better then what I had felt in the last few days.

Hayley and I talked afterwards of course, and that was pretty cool. Also another thing which kinda makes me question things is that she was saying her brbs and her goodnight with X's at the end. Like, "brb xx". Dunno.

She went to be at like 1am. It's like 6am in the morning for me now so I think I'll probably end up sleeping for awhile. But maybe not, I've been waking up around 1-2PM because of how hot it's been getting in the afternoons.

Anyway as a whole today was really good as whole.
Peace, -Mars.