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The Life Of "Mars".
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2016-11-05 14:42:38 (UTC)

Intermediate, a new beginning

Saturday 5th November, 2016

I'm not sure on how other countries education systems works, but here in New Zealand we have a three-tier model. First there's primary school (years 1-6), then intermediate (years 7-8), then college/high school (years 9-12/13). You can drop out legally at year twelve. There's things like university and polytechnic after that as well, but that's only optional.

When I first went to Intermediate I was eleven, and going to a different higher tier school was a almost like a fresh start for me. So many of my friends were either still at primary because my last class was mixed with year fives and sixes. Others went to prep. If you don't know what prep is it's basically like a private school for Intermediate. Sam T went to Australia. After me and Tyrone fell out he moved to Auckland. Pretty much everybody got split up into other classes otherwise. The only person I really fucked with afterwards was Ari, and even then he was in a different class.

Still this didn't deter me I was still a friendly kid and I did not shy away from trying to make conversation. I eventually befriended a Maori kid named William. William was about my height. We had the same interests, one of them being Minecraft, same humor, all that good stuff. We'd put on these weird voices and call each other "fatty". Like, "Noooo shut up fattttyyy I don't caaaaarrreeee." It was weird, but we enjoyed it I guess.

Term one for the most part was pretty uneventful. Me and William weren't really friends with anyone else except for a kid called James. Me and James didn't really get along at the time, but that's irrelevant right now. For the most part, it was just me and William. Me and Ari fell apart I guess because he said he was sick of hearing me and William always talking about Minecraft. We didn't fight or anything, we just stopped talking until he was like a stranger. Just another face in the hallways y'know?

At one point towards the end of term one I heard a rumor that a girl in our class called Stella had a crush on me. I had even heard her best friend Aria kind of giggle my name to Stella about her liking me or whatever. But I didn't really care about girls or how they thought of me. I was pretty content on just being regular ole me without anybodies input. Later it turned out that the rumor, was true.

Camp begun within the first few weeks of term two. Let me tell you it was probably one of the best times of my life to date. I felt cool, popular, admired. The same sort of vibe on the holiday camp in the holidays, but better. We went to a place called Totaranui and stayed in a cabin that had three rooms for the kids. Boys and girls slept separately of course, and two of the rooms were for the boys since there were more in our class then girls. Most of our teachers and the parents who came slept elsewhere and not really in the cabin except for a few who had their own separate individual rooms.

The first day was pretty chill as you would imagine. We just spent most of the time setting up our beds, deciding who would sleep in the top bunk and who would be at the bottom. Y'know, typical camp kiddie stuff. I remember we did a small thirty minute walk and while we were doing that me William and James were almost at the back talking, with stella and Aria behind us. We started talking about Stella possibly liking me and they asked if I would ever go out with her. I can't remember what my exact response was but it was something like "I don't know, I guess?" I mean she was a pretty girl, but Holly was the only experience I really had with a girl in that way, and that only lasted for a few days.

Second day of camp, for whatever reason that I can't remember I was wandering outside the cabin when William came up to me. He said that Stella had said that she liked me, and he told her that I had liked her back. Which I didn't. I mean she was a pretty girl don't get me wrong, but I just didn't have a crush on her at the start. But now apparently we were dating and it spread around the class like wildfire.

However we began to talk properly, and I never bothered clearing up that I didn't like her like that. But after talking I found I did like her, sort of. More in a friendly way, I mean she was funny, cute and she liked me. So I guess there wasn't a whole reason to go against it. I mean it's not like we were doing anything else...

That is until day three. I guess this is when me and Stella started our whole hand holding and hugging phase. Also to give you a picture of what this looked like I had very, very long hair back then. Like it would go past my eyes if I didn't brush it out of the way and I had this almost tick-like thing where I'd flick my hair out of my face every twenty or so seconds. Also, like how I always have been, I was short. So Stella was taller then me. Not by a whole lot I was around up to her eyes, but I thought that might be funny to mention. Anyway! Day three we went on a six hour walk. Three hours to this beach, and then three hours back. The beach was pretty chill. There was me, William, Stella, Aria and a girl called Emily who was friends with Stella and Aria. That was our little gang. And of course you then had those girls in the class who were like "Aww you two are dating?!" And they occasionally chimed in on our conversations.

I guess I should mention the fact that James was sort of there too, along with another girl called Ireland. Actually I remember on the first night of camp Ireland was randomly going around asking people for hugs before a game of manhunt. Just thought I'd add that in.

Anyway later at night we pretty much played "Truth or Dare". Except it was kind of the same cheesy questions and dares over and over again. But we enjoyed it. I was having the time of my life really. We sat in this one corner of the cabin in the living room, and I guess some people were in awe that the small, long haired kid was hugging girls. Yes, the dares were "Go hug... Stella." or somebody else in our group. And the questions were like, "Would you marry her?" and of course I'd be like "Yessss." and everybody would be like "Awwwwh!" Yeah, kind of cringy when I look back on it but it was fun. Ireland came and played truth or dare with us a few times as well. James was mostly off talking to another chick called Isabella.

I almost got my first kiss that night. One of the dares was "I dare you to kiss Stella." I was overwhelmed. I had a hard enough time holding her hand or hugging her in the beginning. I had only just gotten used to it a few hours before. Kissing, well that was kinda out of the question. But she didn't seem to be shy. I think they "gave us room" to kiss. We walked outside onto this balcony they had on the cabin and we sat on the railing. The nighttime was cold, lit by the pale moonlight and the yellow vibrant colors dancing from within the cabin within. The chirp of insects. Nature. Good vibes all around. The setting was perfect, romantic, magical even. We were satthere on the railing, and with an awkward "Sooooo." the tension was broken. We edged closer to each other and we faced one another. She shut up her eyes and started moving her head towards mine. My heart dropped. It was like she was moving in slow motion and my head swelled. I liked her, don't get me wrong and the idea of kissing her got me all giddy and excited, but actually going in for it was terrifying for little old me. She became inches away from my face and I did what any sensible and logical child would do. I fell. I fell off the railing on purpose. I made that decision in the heat of the moment. You know the worse bit? Right below was a fucking thorn bush. I had pricks all up my leg and back. I guess that killed the mood between us. We went back inside and didn't say anything. Except everybody else was giggling, but we didn't tell them what really happened.

The next night afterwards there was a frenzy of tears and fear. You see there had been rumors that our cabin was haunted. I'm a believer of ghosts for the most part, but I didn't really see or feel anything paranormal. But there was something where some kids claimed to see a ghost and that made everybody go crazy. I shit you not when I say more then half of the class was crying. Including Stella. I tried my best to comfort her but y'know, I wasn't really the smoothest of people. I think the whole ghost thing got so bad that kids literally slept in the living room with two of the teachers with the light on.

The rest of camp was uneventful. Just me and Stella hand holding and hugging. Everybody else having fun. Good times all around.

When we went back to school I somehow ended up meeting these two girls who were both in year eight, and I guess you could say I was somewhat of "player" or a "pimp". I guess they liked me or thought I was cute, in whichever way you wanna take that "cute" is up to you because I really don't know. Anyway, sometimes at morning tea we'd walk around and I would be holding both of their hands at the same time.

Me and Stella broke up on the first day of term four. I don't know the reason. It could of been a mix of things. First of all I got my hair completely shaved. I mean shaved yo. I went from emo looking like Justin Bieber headass to being built like a skinhead. I fucking looked like one of those kids who were apart of Hitlers Youth. Maybe it was because I was hanging around with girls and holding their hands. Maybe it was because she asked me multiple times to go to the movies with her and I made excuses not to go because I was too shy. Perhaps something entirely different. I don't know. It was pretty shitty I guess and I felt heart broken. But it was whatever. She broke up with me by passing a note too, so that's kinda funny too I guess. We actually got back together a few weeks after but then broke up like two days later. So yeah, rest in peace my love life.

Thing got bad though. You see back then my mom had access to my Facebook She had the whole "You can only have a Facebook if I have your account information." I think one day me and Stella got into an argument in the last period of class, and we took the argument to the DMs on Facebook. Yeah, heh, bad move. The argument was cringy as well just like how you'd expect any eleven year old one to be. It went something like her calling me a midgit, me calling her ugly, her telling me fuck myself, me saying she's a bitch. Us both typing in all caps to pretend like we were yelling.

After I logged off for the night, my mom went on my Facebook. You can guess what happened next. My mom saw the messages and she didn't take it well. To say she was furious would be an understatement. She started saying some shit to Stella like, "You're a whore", "Slut", "Bike of the school", "You've got pubes stuck down your throat." Stuff like that. I had no idea either. She didn't even say anything about it when I woke up. I went to school and she said something like "Wow Mars you're a pussy for getting your mom on me." I was really confused because I had no idea what she meant by that, until I went home and saw my Facebook. I was pissed at my mom, but she seemed to get even more angry that I was almost defending Stella. Sure, Stella was being a bitch. But that was my personal business.

It's whatever I guess. Otherwise year seven ended on a good note. Aria Emily and Ireland left to go to other schools. James and William went to different classes and we kind of started to split up. Same with Stella, she ended up being in a different class and I didn't really see or think of her at all in year eight.