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The Life Of "Mars".
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2016-11-02 01:21:59 (UTC)

A Role Model

Wednesday 2nd Novmember, 2016

Right so before I continue any further I remember I forgot to mention a big fact that I somehow fixed. The first time my mom was going through her stage of well, craziness, she gave our cat Kitty-Kotty and dog Titchy to the SPCA because she thought they were possessed by demons. When we went to the SPCA I had no idea we were giving them away. Nah, I thought we were just sending them in for a regular checkup. Cruelly enough I don't miss Kitty-Kotty that much. That's not to say she was a bad cat or anything, I was just a hyperactive loud child who probably scared her at times, so we didn't really get on. Titchy however, I kind of feel a emptiness in my heart for him. He was a great dog. Irreplaceable. I think my mom misses him too, occasionally she'll say "Can you take Titchy outside to the toilet?" when she means our new dog. And there will always be an awkward silence. What kind of haunts me is knowing that Titchy, along with Kitty-Koty, is probably dead now. I hope they found good homes. I guess in one way it's good because I've yet to know what it's actually like to have a pet die.

Right, enough doom and gloom from that. I should mention Shane from year six too. You see at one point I got put in this thing called "Big Brother Big Sister". Basically what it was is that you, a little kiddie, get partnered with an adult. This adult then takes you out to things, and the one I got was Shane. Shane was a great guy, he actually lives in the area that I now live in. I think, he might of moved I don't know. Anyway Shane was the CEO of a car company in New Zealand and I guess for awhile he was somewhat of a father figure to me. He pushed me beyond what I was used to doing, which was exercise. Not in a way that made me feel shitty but in a way that was motivational and caring. We'd go on walks a lot with his dog. I can't quite remember his dogs name but it was something like Yin, Ying or Yang. One of those three I'm sure. We don't really get snow here in New Zealand, not in the cities or towns at least. Even the country really. You have to kinda go into the hills. And with him, I experienced my first "real snow" and not just bits of thick frost. I went to his house too. Quite a few times after awhile. He showed me that movie "Babe" and "The Princess Bride". For awhile towards the start of year seven we didn't see each other for about three weeks. He was busy and his wife and him were trying to have a kid, but they couldn't and I guess that was making things hard on him. Him and his wife were going to go up to Christchurch for a few months to see if they could get further help with their problem. So, he had to end things with me. I was shocked, devastated of course but I tried to put on a brave face y'know? He seemed so proud of me too. I felt he really had helped me progress with school and how I am as a person and I respect him so much. I hope he's doing well, I think I gave him a quick email once a few years back and we did a little catching up. I forgot to ask how it went with the wife when I think back on it now, but he's now got two dogs instead of one and they both look the same.

There was a break time camp that I got put on to between the time after primary school and intermediate. It was a camp I guess for "troubled kids" ranging from the ages of ten to fifteen. Except I wasn't really troubled. I think I got put into it because I was bullied a lot for being short. Yeah I didn't mention it before but in every class photo except for year five my feet didn't fully touch the ground in primary school, as well as I was always placed on the bottom right, where the shortest kid goes. I digress, anyway I got put onto this camp where I knew literally nobody. Which kind of sucked because when I got there I was kids already pairing up and talking like they've known each other for years.

I don't know how or at what point in the day but I somehow befriended a kid who was about to attend another intermediate a bit out of town. I can't remember his name sadly, but he was kinda fat if that gives you a better picture. Not dissing him or anything by the way, just describing how he was. For the purpose of the story I'll call him Frank. From there I made friends with the kids who were in my dorm. I can't remember their names either sadly except for one. One dudes name was Adam. Frank was in another dorm next to ours. Anyway, everybody in my dorm was fourteen, compared to me, an eleven year old long haired shortie. Still they were all really cool to me. I feel kind of bad because I think I actually ditched them later, but I'll talk about that soon. The first day and night was pretty uneventful since everybody was still settling in I guess.

The second day, now that was fun. Since Adam was I guess one of those "cool popular" kids he started to talking to the "cool popular" girls. And I tagged along. Through that I met one girl who's name I can remember but I just can't get the correct spelling of, so I'll call her Lucy. Lucy was fourteen and went to the same school as Adam, and with her she had another girl who was younger and went to the same primary school as me. Except I didn't know her. Anyway her name was Holly.

Holly like me was eleven and was kinda cute, and Lucy was pretty too. And Lucy and Holly would call me cutie and would play with my hair since it was pretty long. To me that was the first kind of "I like you" feeling from a girl. And it felt good. I felt like I was now one of the "cool and popular" kids. We'd sit at the food table for breakfast lunch and dinner and be the loudest group there because we were always laughing. Lucy was at the camp because she had depression in the past where he cut. Holly was there for being rebellious and "a trouble maker". Same goes for Adam. I was there because I was bullied, heh. Adam ended up getting sent home on like the third day because he was in the girls dorm with Lucy. That night we were laying down watching a movie in the hall, I think it was Shrek. Anyway we're laying there, and Lucy asks me "Mars, would you go out with Holly?" I think I started smiling uncontrollably because Holly then leaned forward to see what I would say. I think after a good minute of me saying "Uhhh" and "Ummm" I said yes so frantically and then bolted under my covers. Of course they have that girly "Awwwww" and I guess that is how I got my first girlfriend. The rest of camp we great, we didn't kiss or even hug, at the most we held hands. But that to me was amazing. I don't really consider that a "real" relationship anyway. It only lasted a week. She broke up with me later over Facebook, so yeah.