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The Life Of "Mars".
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2016-10-31 22:46:25 (UTC)


Tuesday 31st October, 2016

I decided to go to school today despite my overall tiredness. I didn't sleep until about 2am.

I saw Hayley at the bus stop, we smiled at each other but otherwise we did nothing.

Me and my friend Ian got off the bus stop in town and walked to Burger King and then back to school. We arrived back as the bell rung for class. I had science first and we did absolutely nothing. I mean nothing at all, no writing, no watching a video related to class work, nothing. This is one of the reasons why I don't feel like school in the last few moments of the school year. They're pointless. You don't learn, you just go there and sit almost mindlessly for seven hours.

Food technology was just as bad if not worse. It was so loud my head felt like it was pounding. We didn't do anything either. We just sat there. Y'know what was shitty? Jaime ignored me. I didn't exist. I thought me and him worked things out but I guess not. He usually would sit with me but instead he went and sat with Kruz and Dylan almost instantly and didn't acknowledge I was there even after I said "Hey dude."

I couldn't handle it I was feeling unstable. The noise, Jaime, the overall pointlessness of school was just draining me. I messaged my mom to pick me up and told her that I was feeling really sad, because in truth I was. I don't know I've been feeling kind of sad and emotional recently and that's not even because of the whole thing with Hayley or Jaime. I'm at home right now. I don't think I'm going Wednesday either. But Thursday and Friday I'll have to.

I suppose I should acknowledge the fact that it was Halloween last night. Except to me Halloween was never really a big deal. We don't celebrate it as much as America or other countries do. I think trick or treating is still a thing here for some people, but it never was for me and I never had to deal with kids knocking on my door and asking for candy. The most I ever did for Halloween was go to a Halloween festival outside of town.

I miss Hayley while she's at school.

Right, back to the past.



Year six, I'm not completely done talking about year six. There were still a few things worth mentioning.

First of all there was the Mask Parade. The Mask Parade was well a parade of all the primary schools in the area, among with other groups and floats. Our school attended of course. In class we made these masks that we would wear for the parade. Mine was a green black one with blue pieces of fabric that went down the sides. I remember I felt like such a big boy because for the first time I walked into town by myself from my house to go to it.

Sam T was moving to Australia and so he had a little farewell party. And I got invited. I can't remember everybody who went but there was maybe only five our four of us. Gabe was there I know that for a fact. Maybe Aeran too. We walked around this railway for where these toy trains that you could ride would come in. We were meant to go on the trains but I guess they weren't there that day. I didn't care, and nor did Sam. We had fun walking around and playing in the tunnels.

Lastly, I think I should mention Mayhem. You're probably wondering, "What the fuck is Mayhem?" Mayhem was a Minecraft server. It's actual name was "Mayhem Realms." Now yeah, mentioning a random server on what is basically a kids game might seem some what well, childish, cringy even. But I want to mention Mayhem because it is where I met some of my closest and fondest online friends. Some of whom I still talk to even till this day. Two of them being Beaky, who lives in Australia and strangely enough I thought of him as kinda a role model, and Jess, who lives in the UK. I became kinda attached to her at one point.

There were others too of course, Heloharth, Titan, Bai, Misty, Purple, Swimmer, Suw, Bas, Blue, Red, Clay, Felix, SweetDevilGirl, Panda, Kitty, Peter, Muddy, BaileyCat MustardGus... and so many more. I miss them really. It's weird, we lasted for quite a few years and mostly the same people stuck around. We were a group of misfits with our own little lives that we led.

Heloharth, a gay almost rebellious child with homophobic parents.
Titan, somebody who I wasn't always fond of but he was still a nice person. He died serving in the military, but that's another story.
Bai, a guy with Aspergers Syndrome and a love for cats.
Misty, a friendly hyperactive girl.
Purple I had mixed feelings for, but he was still good overall. Same goes for Swimmer.
Suw I almost can't remember. He was a quiet little kid from India.
Bas was the bro and somebody who I respected a lot. He was from the Netherlands.
Red, after taking over ownership from DanSilver, was the owner.
Blue was his real life brother.
Clay was the other owner, "Co owner". We didn't get along but this year we made amends. Felix was another kiddie, an Asian kid living in Italy. SweetDevilGirl was from the United Arab Nations, and she was due to have an arranged marriage with somebody she didn't love.
Panda was a sweet, caring teenage girl. Same goes with Kitty. They were like best friends.
Peter I had mixed feelings for at times, but he was a good lad too.
Muddy was a nerdy almost cringy girl who didn't take things seriously. She was cool as fuck. Same goes for BaileyCat.
MustardGus was almost like an annoying little kid who screamed a lot. Kinda how I was but a bit less mature. But he grew on you, or he did on me in any case.

There were more people then that but a lot of them are gone now, likely never to be heard from again. Perhaps that's good. There were names again such as Wannabero, Raine or IHateHacks, but they're from the real old days of Mayhem and haven't been seen in years. I wonder what they're up to now.

I'm actually kind of tired now. I think I'm going to go to sleep for a bit. I might continue with the story tonight or tomorrow.