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The Life Of "Mars".
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2016-10-29 15:43:44 (UTC)

Childhood Reminiscence

Saturday 29th October, 2016

I didn`t start school off on a particularly good note. Being in a new place to me, despite my otherwise overly friendly nature at the time, was mortifying. I think when my mom walked me into the classroom I cried and grabbed onto her leg and pleaded that she didn`t go. I was rather attached to my mom, to say the least.

I got over it soon though. I don`t think I had a whole lot of friends back then. In fact, I can`t remember any. It wasn`t like I was disliked or even hated, I just didn`t connect with anybody. For little five/six year old`s I found most of them to be dreadfully serious and boring, in contrast to my flamboyant and outgoing personality.

My cousins were at school too, but they didn`t hang out with me. They had their own crew and I was a bit of an annoyance I guess. Y`know that one annoying little hyperactive kid? Yeah, that was me. Isabella was nice to me though, I mean she didn`t really have a problem with me hanging out with her. But she was friends with girls who were more into dolls and other pretty girly girl things. I was basically a loner. But I wasn`t sad. I was usually pretty content with doing my own thing on the playground.

I think however I asked my mom to let me change schools. I dunno the entire reason for wanting to move, but one of the reasons is pretty dumb. Back then in assembly we had this song which even then I found to be unbelievably cringy. Yeah, little six year old me found something cringy. It was a song that we had to sing each time is assembly. I can`t remember the name but it went something like,
“It`s a song about me, it`s a song about me. It`s a song about my individuality. About the clothes I wear, about the - color of my hair...” Yeah, so part of the reason why I moved schools was over a song. Y`know the fucked up part? The next school had the same song in assembly.

When I moved to my new school, again I didn`t have friends straight away. I had a bitch of teacher as well. I actually remember this one time we were playing a game outside as a class, I think it was ball tag but I dunno for sure. Anyhow, being the little smooth fuck that I was I tried to talk to this one girl. Her name was Rosey. I didn`t have a crush on her or anything, I just generally wanted to talk to her I guess. Anyway, little six year old me waddles over and tries to talk to her. She literally gives me the silent treatment. For whatever reason I didn`t take the hint and kept going at it. Without telling me that I was being annoying or whatever, Rosey walked over to the teacher and told her “Trey`s being annoying and he won`t leave me alone.” Or something along those lines. Rather then asking me if what she said was true, or anything she told me to get of the game. Now whenever I got put in time out I was used to facing the wall, so I went and faced the wall. Y`know the thing what the teacher says to me? And I remember this very clearly. “No, turn around I want you to see everyone having fun.” So yeah, that happened.

Luckily I moved to the school in like the last three weeks of term four, so I didn`t really have to put up with her.

Soon I got put into a new class. I had another female teacher and she was okay I guess, her name was Miss Miller. There in that classroom is where I actually made friends. And boy oh boy, did I make friends... There was a boy named Tyrone, another one named Jordan, and three girls named Kyla, Kia, and Amelia. Tyrone had brown hair, Jordan had black hair. Kyla had long brown hair. Kia was a short asian girl with short black hair. Lastly, Amelia had medium blonde hair. I guess there was this one girl called Lola, and we were sort of friends? I remember she used to try and kiss me but I`d always run away. I still had that whole “Ew no girls are icky.” mentality.

On the playground we`d play ball tag a lot. Where essentially you throw a fucking ball at someone and hope it hits them. Or I would be running away from Lola and Kyla, with Amelia`s help would aid me in my escape. Jordan and Tyrone were my best friends though. I didn`t talk with Tyrone a whole lot in school, but we went to each others houses sometimes and this one night we went to a night time pool party for kiddies at the local swimming pool. Y`know with the lolly scrambles and all that good stuff. Jordan and I just talked in school.

Kia, she wasn`t really in our group. But bless that girl. Kindest soul ever I swear. I actually don`t know where she went to be honest. Nor do I know where Jordan is now. Tyrone is in Auckland, Lola and Kyla both go to Girls College here in Nelson, but we don`t talk anymore, and Amelia moved to America because she was American.

Anyway that was my little group of friends in year two.

Year three, well that was kind of interesting I guess. Amelia had gone to America, Lola Kyla and Kia were all in different classes alongside Tyrone, so we sorta didn`t see each other as much. Me and Tyrone still hung but it was more after school rather then during school. Jordan and I were still together and he kinda became my best friend. There was a girl too who I befriended. Her name was Melody she was a Maori girl with long black hair. She was really kind too, so was her family. I went to her house once and they were so humble. There was Isiah too. He was a Samoan kid and he`s actually in my English class now. We talked like once this year but we have totally different interests now, so it`s better to leave things in the past I guess. He`s cool though, when we spoke he remembered just as much stuff as I did and that made me really happy. Melody I don`t know where she is either.

Next is a topic which is too almost hard to speak about. I`ve never ever really been open about this. Not even with my closest of friends because in a way I find it somewhat embarrassing and shameful, even though it isn`t. But because I`m remaining mostly anonymous I really don`t mind spilling the beans on here, so to speak.

Around the start of the year, maybe halfway through term two which is a rough guess by the way, my mom suffered a mental breakdown. It was bad. VERY bad. It board-lined on crazy. I think the pressure of being a single mother, when she already had social anxiety, having a rough childhood and other things which made her stress out, the added pressure of looking after a kid and later suffering depression from not having a partner, well it got to her I guess. She uh, believed certain things which weren`t real. An example would be she thought up the idea that she was in fact, the wife of God. Yep, God. The Christian God. I think a part of that kinda contributes to my hate of religion today. But that`s another topic for another day. Anyway, she was the wife of God, and I, the child of God. Being an ignorant little kid who believed anything mommy told him I kinda just went with it. I really didn`t think anything of it really. Besides, this belief wasn`t hurting anybody. She other then that was acting like a typical mom.

That is until things got worse, which they did. She believed that there was an evil oppiste of me called Troy, who was a demon. And Troy would supposedly posse me at times. To give you a picture on what that looks like, I would be casually talking to her and then I`d be getting yelled at, being told to shut the fuck up and to get out of “Mars” body. Which really confused and upset me.

I remember one night I got put outside in the rain and had to stay there for a good few hours because I was Troy now. Before I continue any further I`d just like to clarify that my mom is fine now and that I still live with her with no incident.

She had gotten into my head so much that she somehow convinced me that Jordan was a demon and that I shouldn`t be around him. I remember he was chasing me around on the playground once. He took it as a joke but I was desperately trying to get away. I think when he caught me I screamed and cried so loud to go away. And he did. And that there is how I lost one of my best friends. He moved shortly after.

Anyway, along with this I was withdrawn from school. I hadn`t attended for about three weeks straight I think. Naturally the truancy officer came around but my mom didn`t answer. In fact I remember her arguing with “God” for allowing them to come around. Eventually the police came and I was hauled away. I was frighted too. I didn`t know what to think. I was sitting in the police station and I saw my mom get dragged out of the cop car in cuffs.

Shamefully there was apart of me that believed mom. In fact I believed her more then I didn`t. So being surrounded by people who I was pretty convinced were my enemies was terrifying to say the least. It didn`t help that one of the policemen joked about stuffing me in a locker.

Soon I was put in a foster family. They were a really nice Christian family. There was Holly who had long black hair, and Robert a tall as mother fucker with black hair. He was also deaf too, but him and Holly spoke through sign language. There were others in the house too, but I can`t remember their names. But it was Holly`s mom, her younger brother, some other dude and his wife, and Holly`s and Robert`s child. Lastly there was a dude called Dan, who was on holiday from America and he was staying there for a few months while he was in New Zealand. He was super nice too. He liked Pokemon like I did, even though he was a grown man. He even gave me a Gameboy with a Pokemon Game. Pokemon Silver to be exact. I get they`re kinda old but back then I was so thrilled. They had a big house so having all the people was fine. They were so unbelievably nice though. They let me have movie night with their son, who was like four by the way, brought me toys, took me out. They were great and I owe them so much for how they treated me. I get it`s their job, but I truly believe that they went above and beyond on what they had to.

I stayed with them for about four or five months, and then I went back to my mom who was deemed to be fine. And she was. Things went back to normal for the rest of the year.

As of the time finishing this it`s 6am and I`ve been up all night so I`m going to end it here.
Peace, -Mars.