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2015-12-29 18:54:28 (UTC)

E. and I had an altercation the other..

E. and I had an altercation the other day. He asked me to put some music on, yet busy as I was shopping Sephora online, I did not acknowledge him. This obviously infuriated him, and I on my part became defensive. I screamed and he cursed at me. I packed my things, headed out the door and drove off. Yet he called me on my cellphone a few minutes later and told me to come back, which I did. We talked things over; him having drank a few bottles of beer and I glasses of pinot grigio. And by the time M. rang the doorbell at 6:30 to meet us for dinner, E. and I had smoothed things out. We went to O. for dinner. It was freezing cold to walk so we opted to drive. I drove my little beetle of a car which squished the legs of my six foot middle aged men passengers. Had a whole lobster for dinner and a margarita. E. had a couple bottles of beer along with his ceviche. M. had a beef taco; he never drinks. Talked mostly about traveling over dinner. E. and M. will be in Asia for months. Then they would go one these 'little excursion trips' as they called it, to Europe; New Zealand, specifically. Talked about me meeting them up in Milan by April, etc. etc. Anyhow, upon leaving the restaurant, a Prius car was illegally parked in front of me. E. went back to the restaurant to complain. 'He's such a dick when he's drunk,' M. told me. So to home and I went to bed early for I had to work the next day.

I made beouf bourgignon on Sunday, which turned out superb. Been addicted to chess and I could play it for hours. Yesterday, I've come to a decision to stay at E.’s for a week, to which he assented. So here I am now, with my week's worth of clothing, all my vanity items, and my uniform, etc. Went to Landmark theater last night and watched Joy, an A-ok movie. Rained hard last night; the earth wet. Resumed writing Cocoon this morning. E. already left for the gym and I am still to start my day--- to shower, to walk the dog, to get to work, which pressures me so explains my sloppy writing in here.