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2015-12-22 23:01:35 (UTC)

Got home from work yesterday and found V. in..

Got home from work yesterday and found V. in my room working on his game. Had pizza for dinner at Bronx, then off to see a movie at Gaslamp. We saw Room, an incredible piece; great acting, innovative directing and a story which brings about many layers of human emotions. Undoubtedly one of the best films I've seen this year so far. Then to home and found C. baking German chocolate cake in the kitchen, of which I had a bite. 'Delicious,' I told him, from which he seemed flattered. 'I see you opening up a bakery one day,' I said. 'I love baking,' he said, 'though I never thought I'd be good at it at first.' Had glasses of red wine. V. called his mother in Netherlands and told her about the movie. V. told me how his mother had once admitted to him about feeling guilty for being a bad mother. V.'s mom terribly insomniac and sets such a high standard for herself that she rarely does anything, for fear of self-humiliation; I suppose.

This morning V. and I had brunch at Fig Tree (we opted for Snooze at first yet there was a forty five minute wait). Had lobster and crab eggs Benedict. V. a plate of French toast and a side of garlic fries. The day has been wet since waking up; bouts of rain has been intermittently turning up in sudden gusts, then it ceases, then comes on again; the sky gray, with herds of nimbus clouds slithering sluggishly like sloths just above our heads. At work now.