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2015-12-21 23:51:13 (UTC)

I got so into my game yesterday after coming..

I got so into my game yesterday after coming home from work that I played FF7 for six hours straight.

V. arrived at my place around 8pm, having driven from LA where he stayed with T. at Disneyland for two days to celebrate their birthdays. T.'s flight was delayed for a few hours which, I suppose, offended him, for V. appeared unconcerned, perhaps, simply dropping T. off at the airport, instead of keeping him company--- they are, after all, married--- yet V. drives down to come see me. Anyhow, last night we had late dinner at Busalacchi's. Had a glass of red wine, a calamari for an appetizer and a dish of spaghetti carbonara for the main meal. V. had mushroom risotto. Then to home and some diversion in bed, then I fell right to sleep without washing my face nor brushing my teeth owing to exhaustion from lack of sleep. This morning we went to Ulta beauty and bought for myself an Ojon hair oil. Then to Target. I used the 'Secret Santa' gift card from E. and got myself a body lotion and a face wash of the brand of Lydia Mondavi, I think. V. bought an HDMI cable. Lunched at Poke Go. We both had the tofu dish with teriyaki glaze. Then to the bank; V. showed me how to deposit a check, which I had no clue could be done. I felt so green and ignorant. So to work and I am working by myself. Slow day here at the clinic.