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2015-12-20 07:20:36 (UTC)

A guy just came over of the name of Serge..

A guy just came over of the name of Serge whom I met on Grindr. An otter kind of guy, semi-beefy, big boned, from South America. The best thing about him is his; yes, his tool. I don't regard him further but the confines of my bedroom; a mere booty call. A quick fuck for the sake of fucking. For since E. had left for Florida I find myself missing him. Though we text and call each other here and there. His dad was utterly and happily surprise to see him; he said. 'They drank too much beer last night.' On the phone earlier he talked of having gone to some tiki bar with his parents and their friends, and them having dinner; etc. Anyhow, I'm glad that he's shaping, creating memories with his father before it's too late.

The other day I went to the gym and sweat for half an hour at the stairmaster. Then to Wholefoods (Wholepaycheck, as E. would say) for snacks and caviar and mainly for a half a pound of filet mignon, which I fried on the cast iron pan and turned out very much rare that I had to cut them up in thin strips and fried them a minute longer. Shared some of it to S. who came downstairs like a mouse sniffing in the kitchen saying that all of a sudden he got so hungry. Then to work the next day, which was early this morning. I had to get up at the crack of dawn, at five thirty, to be at the clinic by six thirty. Which brings me on how much of a zombie I feel on the weekends. Usually I would come home after work, eat my lunch and take a long nap which resembles like sleep. But my parents came to visit from LA this afternoon. They came down with a rental car, a Volkswagen Rabbit; I think, for their SUV had some trouble; fan belt issues. I gave them their gifts. They thanked me. I suppose they were impressed, rather. Had lunch at Amarin. Over lunch mother was somehow entailing that I might have a boyfriend, or some whatever man in my life, to which I said no, yet she kept alluding to such supposition that I got rather annoyed by her nagging behavior. Yet she--- both my parents are getting old, they are well getting along to their mid seventies, and whatever discomfort I would feel from their behaviors I dare not show. And how I only see them once in a month or two anyhow. I asked if they had any kind of retirement plans which they said no. Most likely they will retire in the Philippines, get old and die there. For what with it all, still, they continue to support my sisters and their families in the Philippines--- my sisters who don't have jobs and rely mostly from mother for financial support. Mother talked of having a time share in Las Vegas for which she is billed at $350 monthly. I told her it wasn't such a good idea. Talk about the Christmas party at K. being cancelled owing to immediate relatives not getting along; a rather drag, played out issue. Anyway after lunch we stopped by at Baras Foundation, as we were walking by it. Mom bought a used steamer for $8, along with other kitchen goodies, all of which amounted to $17. For some reason it was pleasurable seeing her shop at the thrift store like it was, for her, an adult candy store, taking five minutes to decide whether to buy a spatula or not for 50cents. Then to Nordstrom Rack. Dad bought a wallet; mom a Tom's red wedge shoes. Then to home, and after hugging and saying goodbye, they left, which I felt relieved. I love my parents but they exhaust me, especially mother. Then all at once I sought for solitude in my own room. I played FFVII on an old PS1 console. Then at six I got a message from C. inviting me for dinner. K. and A. and M. were coming over; he said; to which I turned down, partly perhaps for solitude was then so sweet, or I was so into playing my game, or that K. and A. and M. don't interest me. The last time I hung out with K. we had gotten into a silly drunken argument. It came from a long string of events which led to him telling me, or yelling at me rather at the bar that his lover A. doesn't like me. It was a drunken happenstance, sure, yet a negative happenstance is after all a negative happenstance, and I couldn't help but feel affected on how I feel about him. K. has always been like a schoolgirl anyway; cliquish; with a mouth like an old maiden always seem to be on the inquiry about this or that. A. a sober man-- literally an abstinent. M. like a buxom servant, with that big laugh of his, constantly making jokes out of everything, to hide, perhaps his insecurity. They all went bowling for all that they were on a rainy Saturday night. Still, they would come home with their spouses and, still, they have to deal with them and the unhappy lives they lead; I suppose.

I glance at the clock and it's ten past midnight. So much for feeling like a zombie--- I have to get up at quarter to six in the morning! To log off here.