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2015-12-18 06:28:30 (UTC)

I slept over at E.'s last night. I drove..

I slept over at E.'s last night. I drove back to my place around midnight and noticed that the street lights were out in my neighborhood. Few streets away from my place I saw trucks and construction crews bathed on a white blaring light, mending, I suppose, an electrical pole. In addition to the streets being so pitch black, there wasn't any parking available on the streets, so I called E. and asked if I could spend the night, which he said yes. So I did. He told me that he would've let me sleep on his bed anyway, as I was, prior to my driving home, falling asleep on his bed after some sensual love making. I slept well, I should say. His new bed perhaps the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in. Woke up at half past nine this morning. T. the dog laid with me on the bed for the morning as I watched Housewives of Beverly Hills. Then breakfast with E. He made scrambled eggs and toast. Had coffee and orange juice. Then I drove back home at about noon. I looked at my face in the mirror and saw few new spurts of pimples. All the effort I put in my nightly routine which takes me half an hour, yet one night of not washing my face I lose my having a clear skin. Then to work. Then came over at E.'s for dinner. He made broiled burgers in the oven which turned out rather well done. He is to leave early tomorrow for his flight for Florida to see his ailing dad, battling bone cancer. 'I will miss you of course,' I told him. He will be gone for five days. Then talk about us getting apart once the New Year starts. He off to his travels in the middle of January. Of course I won't see him. And I to move out of San Diego to San Francisco. A lot of things to be said of such, yet it tires me even the thought of writing it here. IT's been felt, said and done in E.'s presence earlier and so don't wish to repeat it here. Yet he tells me, 'You will always have a home here,' him implying that if ever things don't work out for me in San Francisco-- that I could always come back and have a place, or rather home with him. Such talk touches my heart. I will certainly miss him; I won't deny it. Yet such is life. The river flows on.