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2015-12-16 23:34:59 (UTC)

I am working by myself here at the clinic..

I am working by myself here at the clinic today, owing to my co-worker being absent. She's taking advantage of her daughter's day off to help her move her ex's belongings. Wearing an ugly sweater today as to be a part of the ugly sweater contest here at work. E. won, which he deserved. His sweater had real candy canes plastered all over it.

Last night, I've decided, spontaneously, to do some Christmas shopping. Off I went with my rabbit fur sweater, tight black jeans and heightening boots, first, at Barnes & Nobles, for S.'s gift (a collection of martinis and cocktails book), then to Fashion Valley. Got C. an apron from Anthropologie, knowing that he loves baking. E. an Art Deco calendar and a Clarins sunscreen from Sephora. E. a Jack Black's body lotion and a hand cream and a tiny GlamGlow mud mask. As to why it delights me to write down all the gifts I bought for the people I care about I have no clue. Oh, and I also bought little notes and along with a pen topped with a faux diamond which lights up when used.

Met. E. around 8 o'clock at his place and had dinner at Jimmy Carter's. I ordered a drink of margarita. E. said he was still recovering from binge drinking on Saturday night. Talk about his not buying a house after all in Pennsylvania, which is in part a huge relief; he said, for he won't be any more muddled in his older brother's business, who suffers from mental illness: severe anxiety, hording, depression, etc. Even his son, who is worse off, as E. paints him to be, for how he would open up a bottle of beer and take a Xanax upon waking up in the morning. E. calls them the 'two stooges'. 'You've taken the role of a caretaker,' I told him, of his relationship with his older brother. For, after all, he bought the trailer for his brother to live. And all the financial help along the way...Anyway, I am to meet him as soon as I get off here at work. We are to meet and dine with M.--- to try out this quaint Italian restaurant on 5th Avenue, which M. raved about, then to watched The Danish Girl on Landmark Theater.