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2015-12-15 22:45:37 (UTC)

Slow at work so I will write here. Dinner..

Slow at work so I will write here. Dinner with E. and T. last night at Saigon. T. like a jumpy, scrawny musketeer; gabbles way too much; though he cracks me up, and for him, the dinner was rather filled with laughter. T. doing much better compared to two years ago; owns now a car; has his own place; and has a job taking care of his ill roommate who sustained a massive heart attack. J. came home last night after a week of staying at C.'s. J. a bit guarded; soft spoken. Must be hard to be in one's middle age and no permanent home to call his own; his belongings dispersed all round the house, in the backyard, in the basement, upstairs. And how his dog had been poisoned, supposedly, by his previous landlord. Anyhow, at least he will be staying at E.'s for a while so that T. the dog would have company when E. leaves for Florida this upcoming Friday for five days to visit his ailing dad battling with bone cancer.

This morning I got a text from E., saying how he was thinking about us, etc, etc. I told him I had my own priorities: my work, my studies, my moving to San Francisco this spring. And he will be away for half a year. Talk about me always having a home with him if things don't work out for me, etc, etc. Then at a pinpoint of a second I felt the pang of his love for me which put me on the verge of tears. Yet at the same time I thought of how things have been very ugly with him the past two years. I am glad those days are over. Now I am independent, on my own, have my own space. Getting busy here at work. Have to get off here.