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2015-12-14 23:00:18 (UTC)

Went to over to E.'s last night and had..

Went to over to E.'s last night and had meat loaf for dinner. Some bedroom reverie. Watched 'The Boy'; a desolated, sad and slow movie. I went over to his place this morning again and much to my delight I saw my Sephora box perched on the front porch. E. talked about having a major surgery on his eyes; an experimental research, I suppose; not approved yet in the US. Had chicken for lunch, then walked the dog on the coldest weather so far, so it felt, here in San Diego. And how I wore shorts and a hooded vest. About halfway through my usual route E. had caught up to me and the dog. We walked together for about a block, then we parted ways, I to my route, him to the gym. I got my duffel bag packed with my gym clothes and clothes to wear for dinner. We are to dine with T. at some Greek cafe I've never been to.

My co-worker S. will be leaving sooner than planned. I am not looking forward to working alone and doing twelve hour work here at the clinic on Christmas week. My right eyelid had been swollen for the second day. Yet I continually push on.