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2015-12-12 15:08:40 (UTC)

As I was about halfway to sleep last night,..

As I was about halfway to sleep last night, half an hour till midnight, the garage door downstairs opened. Then the forceful slamming of a door. Then S. screaming a curse word right outside my door. Disturbed, I turned on the lights in the bedroom and try to read. Yet the yelling and the banging persisted. I was desirous to go out of my bedroom to see what was going on but settled on not getting involved between their quarrel. At one point I turned off my lights and planted my ear at my bedroom door to catch some words out of the commotion, but couldn't make up any. Fifteen minute into it then everything turned silent. I read Gibbons to put me to sleep. This morning, about six in the morning, as I was getting ready for work, I heard the garage opening and closing. It was C., most likely, going off somewhere. Anyhow, I would give them four more years maximum. For the way they quarrel, spewing out hot words which singes their hearts; their lack of affection, etc. Yet how they were kind enough to let one of their rooms for me to rent. How C. had been there for me when I broke up with E. after eight years of being together, and moved out of his home.

Went over to E.'s last night. Had a glass of wine, and him few beers before heading out. The sushi place where we were going to dine at, we found out, was closed for good. We ate out at Burger Lounge instead. Then to the movie theater for Brooklyn of which story I soaked in with so much glee; so beautiful and tender.