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2015-12-10 23:27:35 (UTC)

I slept over at E.'s last night, not out..

I slept over at E.'s last night, not out of my own volition but I was rather forced to, drunk as I had gotten from sipping red wine. I had been a bit jaded from working too much and was rather stuck and dissatisfied with my writing Cocoon that I let loose last night, which felt good--- it put me on a very good mood today. A very much needed break from my daily routine. Odd that I don't feel not an ounce of jealousy when E. was video-chatting with B. this morning, right in front of me in the dining room table as we were having breakfast. I keep a friendship with him because I still genuinely care about him, I must admit. And the free meals that I get, especially that I am on a very tight budget. Also, for I lust for him, his skin, his flesh, such as I never do for anybody else.

My co-worker S. is going through a tough time. The other day she rear-ended someone on her way to her daughter's. And how she's even more budget conscious now than ever after missing a week's work due to a bad case of flu. And after a very careful thought, she has finally decided to have her ex move in with her, mostly from financial reasons. Anyhow, she told me that she is planning on finally retiring, the 31st being her last day. 'I'm going to miss you,' I told her, and she said the same thing to me. She said that she has never been happy working here at this place anyway; stated how she'd never worked at a place where employers get very little respect, etc. etc., to which I don't completely agree, as I find my form of work tolerable enough; much better, I must say, compared to my last one.