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2015-12-09 00:15:59 (UTC)

Not much to do here at work so I will write..

Not much to do here at work so I will write here. I heard from E. that R. kicked out K. from her apartment. Where K. is now no one has any clue. E. supposes that he's currently homeless and living in the streets. That poor guy. I remember last year when he stayed with us for two whole months, he like a big fat mole only coming out of his hole when it was time to eat. I wonder what's going to happen to him, what with his condition, his inability to take care of himself, his addiction to porn, his lack of insight of the boundary between what's good and what's bad. I for my part am curious as to the reason why R. kicked him out. K. being after all her own son. And from what I've heard from E., R. herself is going through a lot with her health. She had been in the hospital recently for anemia; underwent blood transfusion and had a terrible allergic reaction when given a dose of iron. And after years of being a vegetarian she had her first meat a few days ago per doctor's order. I wonder how that went for her; knowing her as I do she probably hated it.

I've been coming over to E.'s every night. Last night when I walked in the kitchen he was video-chatting with B. on Facebook as he was cooking. To my surprise I felt nothing, no ounce of jealousy. I am to meet him tonight for dinner with M.