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2014-10-21 08:03:11 (UTC)

Tuesday, 14th October

Woke up late this morning, around 11AM. As usual I go to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, and I walked into E. making breakfast; scrambled eggs and toast. Finished HFF; a weak piece; I think; needs twitching. E. went to the car shop to have his car’s front lights cleaned, for which he was glad; for how excited he was from wishing me to see it. Indeed, it looked new. He talked about keeping the car, and just have it retouched all over.

M. came over at the house, though only for the slightest bit, about a trip to Vegas. Though there will be some convention happening the same time of his stay; hotel room prices are high; and so he considers on changing his flight. E. and I currently wait on his response about the matter. But I on my part would love to go to Vegas just for a day or two for the fun of it. Why not?

E. and I walked to the gym. I stayed on the threadmill for a good forty minutes. E. worked out whatever muscles he did, and stretched. Had lunch at Mimi Sushi, at which a special offer of fifty percent off their dishes on every Monday and Tuesday was a bargain in our opinion that we even planned on eating lunch there every Monday or Tuesday.

Got home and I joked about K. always being on the phone. E. had laughed. K. and I went to the doggy park with Fruti. Several people at the park. Fruti snaps at other dogs. First he would let dogs smell him; he stays statuesque, but then all of a sudden he snaps at the dogs; barks at them; almost about to attack other dogs. And how I get a bit embarrassed from other dog owners. But K., knowing how he is…and at times I am a bit reserved about the idea that I am seen with him in public. Indeed, for all that there is, there is that conscious thread in me which couldn’t help but always seem to care about what I think the public perceives about me.

E. did not go to Maestat’s tonight. He blamed for the most part the rice not being cooked on time. Had stir fry for dinner. I shredded the leftover roasted chicken I made for dinner few days ago. K., like a mole, only comes out during meal times; talks, then retreats to his hole of his own cramming and of his own odor.

Watched Snowpiercer, a movie I picked based on its rating on RottenTomatoes. E. and I both enjoyed it.