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2012-03-13 07:47:52 (UTC)

It is ten to one in the..

It is ten to one in the morning. I am far from being sleepy. The day had gone by again so fast. I have come to a standstill in my life for a long while now and the days seem to nothing but lap themselves over to only form a single gigantic conglomeration in the end, making me feel that my lifetime is simply but one big fat whole day. Anyhow, to account. See, I cannot even remember-- oh, that C. had left me a message by the coffee maker in the morning, letting me know that he had gone to Ethelane to pick up the basement windows, which have been done for about a week now--- I could've driven to Ethelane and pick up the windows myself though in truth I didn't wish to and I will leave it at that. As usual, I did some chores the moment I procured myself a cup of coffee just after waking up. M. came over for a little bit and discussed with C. details about their trip next month. My trip itself is coming in a little over a week. C. had bought a case of Pellegrino. Worked at my desk for about three, four hours, stealing a nap here and there. C. and I dined at a Mexican restaurant, finishing only one out of two chicken enchiladas on my plate. Though I finished the cup of soup. The Voice was disappointing tonight. I figured out my dinner menu for this week-- I will be cooking dinner for the next four days. Oh, and I had a long walk with the dog, which I haven't done in a long while, from our house to the dog-park, and back. And how I doubt the sun owing to my ridiculous superficial vanity, the preservation of my good skin. And how I also feel hypocrite at the same time for I am a smoker.