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2011-09-08 06:58:45 (UTC)

Wednesday, September 7

I woke up at noon this morning. Ward had been already working on the phone in his office, selling orders. Walked the dog. It was too hot outside that we had the air-condition on for the entire day. I wrote in my diary the old way-- through pen and paper that is-- for half an hour or so prior to attending the groceries. Anyhow, I must take to writing upon pen and paper again for the sake of simply being adept with it. For I must admit that I somewhat struggled at first writing in my paper diary this morning, though I believe my writing flowed on freely as I familiarize myself with it as my hand scribbled along. Then I went to the to the store to buy groceries. It was too hot and it seemed as if it was the only topic to which people's talk had gravitated. Indeed, the bagger said so; so the man on the elevator; in people's faces as they moved under the relentless heat of the sun. And the other day it was only raining; and the day's night wet. Mother earth has become bipolar, yet such is the weather. Anyhow, Ward made dinner tonight, a swordfish dish with side of fries and steamed broccoli. Watched America's Got Talent and some part of the Republican debate. A relaxing, calm and composed night so far.